Adria Airways luring passengers
EasyJet style

Mayer McCann, the advertising agency that designs ads for the low-cost airline EasyJet, recently accused studio 3S of copying their style. The 3S marketing agency, which developed an ad for the Slovenan national carrier Adria Airways that is displayed in washrooms (pictured left), denies the accusations and has stated that they hadn't seen EasyJet's advertisements (pictured right), which were published in newspapers and magazines last year in October and November. The EasyJet ad reads: "If you haven't been to London, get up!" Adria Airway's ad, which was put in women's toilets, reads: "If you've never been to Paris, stand up right now!" Marko Majer, director of Mayer McCann, said: "We aren't pleased because the ad uses the same wording". Majer said that they use each EasyJet ad for a short time and change them frequently, but emphasized they never copy them. He feels that now 3S has copied their idea in a "vulgar toilet context" and is deciding whether to take the issue to the court of arbitration. The head of the projects at 3S, Urša Detiček, explained that advertisers of competing products or services sometimes come up with similar ideas. Detiček, who says the two ads are graphically very different, and Adria Airways were surprised when they learned of Mayer McCann's accusations.

Despite EasyJet’s attempt to enter Slovenia’s aviation market it has failed as Adria Airways has managed to overcome the competition.