Despite troubles passenger numbers rise

Despite financial difficulty Serbia’s national carrier Jat Airways has in the last 10 months of the year carried 1.216.420 passengers, a 6% increase compared to last year. Cabin occupancy stood at 65%, an increase of 2% compared to the same period last year. October 2008 will be remembered by a significant increase in cargo operations after a long period of time and continuing increase on charter travel. Jat increased its October 2008 charter flights by 50% compared to October 2007. 299 tonnes of cargo were transported, which is 2% more than expected while 47 tonnes of mail was also flown, which is an impressive 137% more than expected. Passengers transported to Montenegro increased by 4%, to inter European destinations by 3% and in charter travel by 23%.

The airline hopes the positive trend continues as it faces a difficult cost cutting period.