Dear passengers
A message from Jat’s CEO

Jat Airways CEO, Saša Vlaisavljević has delivered an end of year message to all “passengers, friends and business partners” of Jat. In his message he analyses the difficult 2008 and gives an outlook for 2009. Vlaisavljević is expected to leave Jat in the following months. EX-YU Aviation blog publishes the complete content of his message below:

Dear Passengers,

I’m pleased to inform you that that in the preceding year Jat Aiways has successfully reached one of the company’s key priorities – enhancing regional traffic. By establishing air traffic to Croatia last summer, renewing former lines and increasing the frequency of existing lines, Jat has approached one of its strategic goals – restoring its leadership in regional air traffic. Despite the difficulties faced by the air industry on a global level, the measures we have undertaken as the Serbian national carrier over the past 3 years have led to a record increase in passenger numbers. For instance, Jat’s millionth passenger in 2008 was recorded as early as September 3, and Jat has transported 1.216.424 passengers in the first 10 months of this year – the largest number since 1991. The company is already working on the 2009 summer timetable and plans to step up charter traffic by an additional 15%, although in 2008 we have already attained a record increase of over 20%.

In keeping with the company’s imperative to continually improve services for our passengers and to strive to equal the world’s top carriers, Jat introduced electronic booking in 2007, and as of May 10, 2008 has begun issuing electronic tickets. Soon you will be able to join our new Loyal Passengers Club called Flying Dots and obtain information about all our promotional rates by accessing Along with sincere wished to passengers, business partners and friends of Jat for a successful 2009, I would like to promise in addition to the already considerably improved offer, you will soon discover a series of other amenities when flying by Jat worldwide. The main goal Jat has set in 2009 is to remain a modern, competitive, flexible and stable airlines.

Saša Vlaisavljević