Belgrade becomes aviation hub

Airport City Belgrade
Serbia’s capital Belgrade joins an elite club of cities to build the EUROCONTROL centre for aviation training. Only Austria, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom have the prestigious EUROCONTROL aviation centre. All countries from the region supported EUROCONTROL’s decision to place the centre in Belgrade including Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Romania and Bulgaria. Crew and future pilots from these countries will be travelling to Belgrade in order to satisfy their training needs. This latest development makes Serbia the most developed country in the area of aviation in the EX-YU region.

The EUROCONTROL centre will open in April this year and will be located in the exclusive newly constructed Airport City in Belgrade, where Belgrade’s old airport once stood. The centre will give the opportunity for future pilots to attend various seminars and lectures taught by renowned international flight instructors. EUROCOTNROL has had extremely good relations with Serbia and Belgrade. If the European Union passes a new law which would see airspace across Europe controlled only by a few agencies, EUROCOTNROL has suggested that Belgrade be the one for controlling airspace in the Balkans. Belgrade currently controls Serbia’s and Montenegro’s airspace as well as parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s airspace.