Croatia to get Adria’s CRJ900?

Adria's CRJ900 soon in Croatia Airlines colours?
Due to a delay in the delivery of Croatia Airline’s new Bombardier Dash8-Q400 the Croatian national carrier is now considering leasing an aircraft from its rival Adria Airways during the 2009 summer season. Croatia Airlines would lease Adria’s CRJ900. This has sparked a major debate in Croatia. Many believe that Croatia Airlines should lease aircraft from the 2 other airlines that call Croatia their home - Dubarovnik Airlines and Trade Air, which could provide an aircraft of similar capacity as the Dash8. Critics believe that leasing an aircraft from Croatia’s arch rival, the Slovenian Adria Airways, and providing them money could only hurt Croatia Airlines and its position as the regional leader, as the airline struggles with major financial losses recorded in 2008. If Croatia Airlines goes ahead with this deal it would pay the Slovenian carrier millions of dollars.

Croatia Airlines management stated that they are surprised and annoyed that these sorts of rumours have been released to the public although they did remind that both Adria and Croatia Airlines are Star Alliance members. The airline says it will lease an aircraft from the company that offers the least expensive plane. The airline also states that both Dash8s will be in the Croatia Airlines fleet this year although the delivery of the aircraft has been slightly delayed. Croatia Airlines already has 2 of the four 76-seat aircraft it has order.