New airport in Serbia

The city of Kragujevac, located in Central Serbia, is the hub of Serbia’s auto industry. The town is the home of the Zastava car maker which has recently been purchased by Italian Fiat with major production of new model cars to start in 2010. Due to the new owners the town has undertaken major modernisation projects in the sphere of infrastructure and telecommunication. Now there are plans for a new airport to be built. The city has received an 8 billion Dinar budget for 2009 (89.7 million Euros). Part of this money will be invested in a feasibility study which will determine if an airport would be necessary. Residents on the outskirts of the city have given their approval for an airport to be built nearby. The airport would cater for business travellers due to the increased number of projects in Eastern Serbia. It would also serve as a cargo airport in order to transport newly produced cars more easily. In the later stages of development the airport will be able to cater for all aircraft types.

Serbia currently has 4 international airports (if Priština Airport, located in the disputed region of Kosovo is included). Next to Belgrade and Niš there is also an international airport in Vršac, located in Northern Serbia, although it is exclusively used for sporting aviation and pilot training. Kragujevac is the fourth largest city in Serbia and the largest in Central Serbia.