BH to get B737-400

A Boeing B737-400 soon in B&H Airlines colours
After months of speculation regarding the aircraft the Bosnian national carrier B&H Airlines will receive since the airline was sold to Turkish Airlines, the company’s CEO has revealed that the aircraft in question is the Boeing B737-400. Recently a business meeting took place between Turkish Airline CEO, Temel Koti, and his Bosnian counterpart, Nudžeim Rečica. The two discussed which jet engine aircraft would best suit the Bosnian carrier. The two agreed that the best aircraft choice would be the Boeing B737-400. The aircraft should be in the BH fleet by May 2009 which would allow the company to open new services. A second jet engine aircraft should arrive during the spring period in 2010. The two new aircraft would allow new services to begin and therefore B&H Airlines would have a 50% share of traffic from its hub - Sarajevo Airport. The two also discussed how to manage the Sarajevo – Istanbul line and agreed that BH staff could be trained at the Turkish Airlines training centre in Istanbul.

The standard Boeing 737-400 has a capacity of 159 seats in a two class configuration. Turkish Airlines has a total of 9 aircraft of this type in its fleet. They are mostly used for domestic traffic inside Turkey. B&H Airlines currently has 2 aircraft both of which are the turboprop ATR72s.