Ljubljana Airport expansion

Ready for expansion - Ljubljana Airport
The SCT Company has been selected to carry out work on the enlargement of the apron at Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport as part of a major construction and upgrade project which will be carried out throughout 2009. The contractor was selected on the basis of a call for tenders and expects to start work in March. Over the course of three months, the airport will gain additional stands for aircraft, a larger area for de-icing aircraft, an emergency access road, an internal petrol station and a modernised water pumping station for fire fighting purposes. The contractual value of the construction, surfacing and installation work to be carried out by SCT is 5.9 million Euros. The existing main apron will be extended to the north-west by approximately 38.500m2. This will provide the airport with five aircraft stands. The extended section of the apron will be connected to the existing taxiway by means of a new connecting section. The new aircraft de-icing areas on the south-western side of the existing apron will make aircraft de-icing procedures easier in winter. The 109 metre emergency access road will link the existing apron and the runway. An internal petrol station for the use of the aircraft ground handling service will be built on the south-eastern part of the apron. The project also envisages the modernisation of the water pumping station for fire fighting purposes.

Ljubljana Airport claims that the enlargement of the apron is also necessary because of the need for substitute aircraft stands to take the place of those that will be closed during construction of the new passenger terminal. This 50 million Euro project is expected to be completed in accordance with the current plans. The capacity of the terminal will be 2.5 million passengers per year or 850 arriving passengers per hour and the same number of departing passengers. During the most intensive work Adria Airways will redirect some of its evening flights to Maribor.