Sky Srpska gets new look

The new Sky Srpska logo
A Croatian designer, Vjekoslav Mravunac, from the design company “Brand Design” has won the open competition launched by Sky Srpska, the new airline of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s entity Repubika Srpska, in December. A 5 member jury chose the winner on January 22, 2009 out of the 107 logos that they received. The 5 member team consisted of Slavimir Stojanović; graphics designer, Saša Rađan; creative director, Mirel Hadžijusufović; art director and Gorana Ilić and Darko Marjanović, part of the Sky Srpksa management board. It took 3 hours to select the winning design. The jury first chose the best 7 out of the 107 designs. Then the designs were given a mark out of 5 by each jury member, with the score of 5 being the highest and 1 the lowest. The winning logo received a total of 24 marks. The second and third placed designs received 17 and 16 marks respectively. The second placed design comes from a Banja Luka based design company while the third comes from Belgrade. You can see the second and third placed designs below.

2nd placed Sky Srpska logo

3rd placed Sky Srpska logo

Sky Srpska is scheduled to launch later this year with their aircraft to have the selected winning logo painted on them.


  1. Anonymous15:34

    I am from Banja Luka and so proud of it, as the matter of fact (I personally think that is stupid) but just for the curiosity of other people I a Serb)! This thing about the logo is absurd! They have spent months just to get the logo for the air company which even doesent have ONE airplane? Is this world going insane? I am trying to understand but..... and we can only read about plans, plans, plans, plans, where are the flights arrivals and departures! That's what airports and passangers need! And cheap tickets too :-)


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