Jat winning in MAT takeover race

Who will get MAT?
The finalised agreement between Serbia’s Jat Airways and Macedonia’s MAT regarding the takeover of the national Macedonian carrier will be revealed next week, MAT’s management said. The carrier states that there are another 2 airlines interested in the takeover. The management goes on to say that even though MAT owes a 10 million dollar debt to Jat it doesn’t mean that Jat will be the majority shareholder. On the other hand in its statement the carrier said that Jat’s involvement and partnership with MAT will change many things for the better as it will lead to new jobs, instead of the announced job cuts. The carrier says that by partnering with Jat the airline would be able to reopen services to Italy and Germany from which it has been banned due to outstanding debt to EUROCONTROL. MAT management also says that Jat’s involvement will not only be useful financially but also technically.

Meanwhile Jat announced a new ticket purchasing system starting from Sunday. Passengers will be able to choose from 10 different ticket tariffs in economy class (and 1 in business) whose prices will vary depending on various circumstances including the duration between the departure and return flight, the date and the time of the flight. Jat also announces that it is introducing a new look catering menu which will be made exclusively up of Serbian products as Jat joins the nation wide “Buy local” campaign, hoping to stimulate sales of Serbian made products.