B&H Airlines launches 7 destinations

Soon in 7 more European cities
Nearly a month after the 2009 summer schedule flights have begun, B&H Airlines has published that it will be introducing a total of 7 new destinations, all of which will be launched in May. The new services have been made possible after it was agreed for Bosnia’s national carrier to receive a Boeing B737-400 from its new owners, Turkish Airlines. This will be the airline’s first jet engine aircraft which will join the existing fleet of 2 ATR72s. The new aircraft will be mostly deployed to Scandinavian services. The 7 new destinations are Vienna, Copenhagen, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Prague. This adds a total of 18 weekly flights to the existing schedule. Out of these destinations Vienna will enjoy the most visits on behalf of B&H with a total of 5 weekly flights operated by an ATR72. Services to Copenhagen will operate twice a week with the Boeing 737-400, as will flights to Dusseldorf and Gothenburg. Flights to Berlin Tegel Airport will also be served twice a week but with the ATR72. Flights to Copenhagen will only be served once a week with B&H’s new fleet member while services to Prague will operate a total of 4 times per week with the ATR72. The new Boeing fleet member will finally see BH achieve its goal of commencing services to Scandinavia where there is a significant Bosnian Diaspora.

The carrier has also announced a regional expansion with services to Zagreb, Podgorica and Skopje. The Skopje service would operate via Podgorica. However, these flights have not been listed in the reservation system and timetable. It remains to be seen how successful the new routes will be.

All flight details can be found in the new route launches section on the right hand side.


  1. Flight to copenhagen will be twice a week!

    Monday & Thursday

  2. Just a simple question.

    With two ATR72, how do they want to operate (For example)(All flights plannes with ATR72 equipment)

    ISTANBUL 6:15
    PRAGUE 7:30
    VIENNA 7:00


    VIENNA 6:00
    ISTANBUL 6:15
    ZURICH 7:00

    This schedule is not possible with just 2ATR planes. Anyone an idea how they are going to fix this?

    (SOURCE: BH Airlines Timetable (Website))

  3. Those flights will manage because the aircraft on the Sarajevo to Istanbul line will be upgraded from an ATR to a B737-400

  4. unsigned03:15

    Any information as to whether they will ever fly to Belgrade themselves rather than just codesharing on Jat's daily flight to SJJ?

    And when are the Podgorica flights going to happen?

  5. frequentflyer04:03

    This is good stuff for BH. About time, and they really have to make a success of it because it has been far too long...

    A few points:

    IST - What is most surprising is that neither BH or Turkish Airlines have codeshared on each other's daily flight which one would assume would be the biggest increase and selling point of the new Summer schedules... Perhaps next year we will see (with the 2nd jet) that Turkish will no longer operate the route, only codesharing?

    Also, how can it be that flights with a 737 jet aircraft take LONGER to operate than with a humble ATR? It's always been 2hr flight with a prop, jet aircraft surely should be quicker.

    VIE - isn't this in competition with Austrian Airlines who already operate similar-timed flights from SJJ?

    From BH website:
    U toku su i pregovori sa aerodromom Mostar oko uvodjenja redovne linije izmedju Mostara i Beča.This we will wait and see - though good news. Let's hope OU decide to operate a couple of flights OMO-ZAG weekly in the summer as well (given their operating cost will be significantly less with a Q than trying to almost fill an ATR to break even on the line).

    ZAG - is this still codeshared with Croatia Airline's twice-daily flights? It hasn't appeared on their timetable (as BEG has)

  6. It has also been quite interesting to me how B&H Airlines’ planning division managed to calculate that a jet engine aircraft flight will take longer than a propeller flight however Amadeus published the same so it has been copied here.

    As for the Belgrade flights they were more than certain a few weeks ago. Meetings took place between Jat and BH management because Jat wanted to code share on the BH flights however at the end BH decided not to start the flights. Perhaps they believed it would be too competitive to go against Jat which has daily flights to Sarajevo.

    As for the planned Mostar – Vienna service I feel it would be a similar disaster as the Tuzla – Frankfurt flights.

  7. exyu thanks for sorting that out for me..

    Seems to be good after all! I wish all the best to B&H Airlines.

    Just another question:

    On the website it states:

    Novo: Stockholm (od 1.maja) Petkom.

    However, the flights now start 16may, and that is Saturday. Does anyone know why the flight has been moved from Friday to Saturday?
    Tnx, Bo

  8. And will the Nightflight to Gothenburg during Summer replace the daytimeflight, or will there be 2 flights to GOT on Wednesday?


  9. Sorry for all my comments ;),
    but just another update.

    Amadeus reservations system on BH Airlines Website show

    Monday and Tuesday flights to Skopje from May11

    and no flights to Podgorica yet.

    Flights to vienna now also bookable through webiste BH Airlines

  10. In regards to the Gothenburg service (the day the flights are operating are listed after the aircraft type)

    Sarajevo - Gothenburg 2 weekly eff 13MAY09

    JA404 SJJ0730 - 1015GOT 734 6
    JA404 SJJ1200 - 1445GOT 734 3 – last flight on 31MAY09
    JA404 SJJ2200 - 0045+1GOT 734 3 - new flights from 03JUN09

    JA405 GOT1110 - 1400SJJ 734 6
    JA405 GOT1540 - 1815SJJ 734 3 - last flight on 31MAY09
    JA405 GOT0245 - 0530SJJ 734 4 - new flights from 04JUN09

  11. Anonymous18:13

    According to our friends at wikipedia ;), BH Airlines 737 will be registered E7-ADH.

    If this information is correct and public as it is now, i assume it won't take long before it shows up at SJJ or a place for painting?

  12. frequentflyer11:16

    Just found this at http://www.geocities.com/johnnycotex/Timetable.pdfBH to start flights to ZAG effective May 3

    JA 710 dep SJJ ???? arr ZAG 2250 Dx5
    JA 711 dep ZAG 0700 arr SJJ ???? Dx6

    JA 714 dep SJJ ???? arr ZAG 1850 5
    JA 715 dep ZAG 1930 arr SJJ ???? 5

    Personal observations:
    This is interesting - it doesn't appear on any online agencies, nor on the company's website or public TT.

    Theoretically given the ops of the ATRs in the summer TT with the arrival of the first 737, it does actually fit!

    Funny to see an airline operating flights against their flow of ops (obviously due to OU's present operations at SJJ), though this could be quite benefitial and does plug one major gap in all flights between the two cities, leaving the possibility for OU's midday flights (in 2008 etc) to still operate.

    Also interesting that there is no mention of codesharing between JA and OU this summer - could this be the reason?

  13. Anonymous16:55

    Well to be honest, i do not really believe this. (However, i might be wrong)

    But the arrival time of JA711 gives a conflict.

    e.g. The plane arrives in the morning at 07.45. Turnaround time could be about 45 minutes. So the plane is ready to depart SJJ at 08.30.

    By that time on Monday, already 2 ATR's are deployed on flights to PRG/VIE and ZRH/VIE. But on the other days it is possible i guess.

    JA714/715 is also possible.

    But it doesn't show the flights anywhere. Amadeus also only reports the 2 daily OU flights.

    Also i notice a thing on wednesday. But this is online if there will be a SKP/TGD flight on that day. if so, then the plane arriving from ZRH 13.45, has to fly to FRA 14.00. Only 15 minutes to turn around, sounds like conflict.

  14. Hello,

    I have been checking out the airport websites of the new destinatios of BH Airlines.

    Only Dusseldorf Aiport and Scandinavian airports show the flights to sarajevo.

    And for zurich, it only shows 4 flights a week, who depart at 05.00 hours from sarajevo?

    I thought it was every day to zurich from sarajevo at around 7 in the morning. Who is right, can you help me?

  15. Anonymous10:12

    When will be the Boeing 737-400 arrive in Sarajevo? Will the second jet engined plane be the same as the one due to come now?

    Pozdrav iz Australije!

  16. BH Airlines has been less than transparent in this entire processes so it is extremely difficult to understand what they are doing with their scheduling and when the new aircraft will arrive. Contacting BH Airlines management didn’t work either.

  17. That's more than true.
    Even the website of BH Airlines and Sarajevo Airport don't show the same flights and times.

    (e.g. SIA shows TGD-flights, but no Prague flights)

    I think the lack of transparency is also very bad for marketing purposes. How do they want to advertise for flights that are unsure to operate?
    It's going to be tough to fill those planes if noone knows about them....

  18. Anonymous17:54

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