Croatia Airlines considers Kiev service

Croatia Airlines will consider opening services from Zagreb to Kiev after Croatia’s minister for tourism and the Ukrainian ambassador to Croatia met in Zagreb. The two discussed about the major profit Croatia’s tourism industry could make from potential Ukrainian tourists. It is expected that Croatia could see 5000 to 6000 more Ukrainian tourists when compared to last year especially during the week of June 6 when the two countries play a FIFA World Cup qualifying match against each other in Zagreb. The meeting was also attended by members of various Croatian tour operators. Croatia Airlines will go ahead with its planned new scheduled destinations this summer despite earlier announcements that they may be cancelled due to the global financial crisis. The new services include flights from Zagreb to Barcelona and Gothenburg as well as to London and Paris from Pula.

Meanwhile, the German low cost airline Intersky began flights from Friedrichshafen to Pula during the weekend while Pula also welcomed some 130 passengers from Moscow which arrived on the Russian Transaero Airlines. It is expected that Croatia will see an increase in passengers from Russia and Ukraine after the country lifted visa requirements for passengers arriving from these countries. Yesterday, the low cost Germanwings began seasonal flights from Berlin to Pula.