Montenegro Airlines changes aircraft order

From Embarer E195 to E175
Only a few days after receiving its second new Embarer E195 jet, Montenegro Airline CEO, Zoran Đurišić has said that its final order for the E195 will be changed to an Embarer E175.The E175, like the E195 is part of the Brazilian company’s E-jets family. The main difference between the two aircraft is that the E175 can seat some 80 people while the E195 model can seat approximately 120 passengers. The change in the aircraft order comes as demand falls across the aviation industry. However, Đurišić says that the Montenegrin national carrier, together with Turkish Airlines, is one of the rare national carriers in Europe reporting an increase in passengers this year. The contract for the order change will be officially signed next Thursday in Paris.

In the meantime the debate of who should take over the Montenegrin carrier is intensifying. El-Al Israel which has so far shown great interest in the airline is sending a delegation to Podgorica, for a second time in two months. The management of Montenegro Airlines will meet with the El-Al delegation next week. Yesterday, a Greek business delegation held talks with the Montenegrin Government. The delegation which included the Restis Group, Greece's fifth-largest shipping company, showed interest in Montenegro Airlines. The Restis Group would like Montenegro Airlines to begin scheduled 3 weekly services from Podgorica to Tel Aviv via Rhodes and Athens. The 3 weekly service would, according to the Restis Group, be increased during the summer period. Yesterday, Sun d’Or International Airlines, an El-Al subsidiary began services from Tel Aviv to Tivat.


  1. But are they keeping the old E195s?

  2. They had 3 aircraft on order. 2 E195 jets which have already been delivered and the third has now been changed to the E175. The 2 E195s they have wont be changed for the E175.

  3. cool, does it look like they will keep their fokkers for a while? And what is YM's true livery? Is the plane supposed to have a blue belly or a white belly because some Fokkers are in different paint schemes, idunno what is YM's real livery.


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