New advertising campaign

“The best fly with Jat”, the 2007 advertising campaign
Serbia’s Jat Airways will spend a considerable amount of money on a new advertising campaign to hit Serbian television screens, movie theatres and billboards by the end of the year. Jat is hoping that a new campaign will manage to improve the airline’s tarnished image amongst Serbian citizens. The airline has endured a long summer of negative and damaging articles on behalf of the media. The airline’s CEO has confirmed that the business and media consulting company Farmer & Spaić will be the mastermind behind the new campaign but refused to comment on the exact cost of the campaign. The media was not particularly happy with the latest news from Jat saying that the new campaign will be a waste of money, especially since Jat already has its own company “Jat Media Centre” which together with composing Jat’s monthly inflight magazine is also supposed to formulate the airline’s advertising campaigns.

Jat last launched a large scale media campaign in 2007, which turned out to be extremely successful. The airline asked dozens of Serbian celebrities to advertise Jat without receiving a pay check to do so. The campaign celebrated 80 years of Jat and earned the company an award for one of the best advertising campaigns in 2007. Will the new campaign be as popular and do you think the money should have been spent elsewhere? Send a comment.


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  2. Anonymous10:20

    I don't understand why someone spent money on ad campaign for such a poor service airline? Why management don't pay attention on much important issues?

  3. frequentflyer14:12

    Isn't the real question with this that the real wastage/excess in JAT is the underperforming Media Centre as they obviously aren't doing their job properly? Surely it's the CEOs decision (and not the media) who decides is best qualified, and gets the contract for the campaign.

    You'd surely think any PR-type department would be doing their upmost to sell their product - regardless of quality, reliability etc. The money saved from this division could be renting them a new(er) plane...

  4. JATBEGMEL16:55

    it's the poor management that is tarnishing the JAT name. the aircraft are dirty, not fuel efficient, high maintenance, flights are always late and generally due to technical issues, their schedules aren't generally convenient (Australia is JAT's most profitable destination yet there is a 12 hour stop over in Abu Dhabi bound for Melbourne, or under the other agreement arranged by Singapore Airlines makes the trip to Australia 300 euros more expensive!). A better investment into the airline isnt expensive commericials, rather having people in control of the airline that know what they are doing!

  5. JATBEGMEL16:59

    i think the new slogan should be "sve najbolje AKO letite Jatom", maybe "kafa, sok, čaj, šraf?" hahaha

  6. Anonymous09:48

    JAT Media Center is famous only by stupid and ridiculous statements which are wery rare. It is not suprising management decision to use other services for PR and marketing.

  7. Anonymous10:01

    I think Jat should make a breakout when they publish their new name example Serbian Airlines, and hopefully join the Star alliace network, and then make a great commercial! /philswe

  8. Milos22:20

    our tax dinars spent on useless things in times of crisis, I will still not fly JAT regardless of whatever campaign they cook up.

  9. JATBEGMEL13:42

    i dont think JAT should join star alliance, considering the region Croatia Airlines and Adria Airways are in the alliance, and Belgrade is already well connected with Star Alliance members - Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, Austrian Airlines, LOT...lets see JAT improve their service first, then i would assume joing sky team a more better option, considering that Aeroflot has shown intrest in buying into JAT, and that Air France and CSA i think are supporting JAT's entry into the alliance.


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