Thursday, October 8, 2009

Niki to Serbia

Niki ... soon in Belgrade
The Austrian based low cost airline Niki is close to finally receiving necessary licenses to commence services to Serbia’s capital Belgrade. The Serbian Civil Aviation Directorate has said that it is still to officially approve an operating license for Niki but will do so after the airline sends technical specifications for the aircraft it will be using on this service. “Niki has practically received a license although it will gain official confirmation once aircraft specifications are sent to us”, a spokesperson from the Directorate said. Once the temporary license is approved, Niki will be able to commence services from Vienna on February 1.

Niki, owned by the famous formula 1 driver Niki Lauda, has been applying for a license since 2007. Even Lauda himself travelled to Serbia in 2008 and 2009 in order to secure a license. However, Niki was unable to receive a license due to a bilateral air agreement between Austria and Serbia which allows only 2 airlines to operate between the 2 countries (in this case Jat Airways and Austrian). Lauda has revealed plans that he wants to make Belgrade one of the airline’s hubs, but for now he will have to be content with flights to Vienna. Niki will become the third low cost airline to operate from Belgrade after Germanwings and Norwegian Air Shuttle. Niki will stir up competition on the Belgrade – Vienna sector currently served by Jat and Austrian.


  1. ^
    This continual report about Niki wanting to make Belgrade a base/hub are INCORRECT. They only wish to operate BEG-VIE, and then connect passengers through VIE to their other destinations (assuming they wish to travel beyond VIE)

  2. much as i love JAT, i still welcome competition. Maybe this will help JAT improve, be more efficient and be more competitive on their routes.

    Niki, dobro nam do6ao :-) zhelim ti uspeh kod nas u Beogradu.

  3. ...and may this be the start of the end of Jat. Nothing against them personally, but they should've changed their ways a long time ago.

  4. Fly Niki started selling tickets BEG - VIE OW 29 or RT 58 e

  5. ^
    Bye bye to the cosy Jat/Austrian monopoly on this route!

    You'll see people crawling over broken glass to take advantage of fares thic cheap.

  6. Im sure JAT will bring down their fares to compete with Niki. JAT brought down their fares to Stuttgart to compete with Germanwings....

    This isnt the end for JAT, im guessing this will force JAT to make many many changes.

  7. I agree this will help Jat to make changes to their ways.

    @ exyuaviation

    why is this service not on the new route launches sector of the blog.

  8. Fly Niki begins the 1 february to operate flight to belgrade.

    The return ticket will be amount 60 Euro.

  9. Great news! As it is advertised on official FlyNiki website that should mean something and I hope that means begining of the new era for Belgrade Airport and hopefully other(not used enough) airports(Nis, Uzice, Novi Sad, Banja Luka, Mostar, Osijek, Tuzla....) Good luck and fingers crossed for HEALTHY competition :-)

    pozdrav svima

  10. @ anonymous

    Novi Sad's airport is a sport airport and as far as i know only has a grass runway. that, and BEG is too close and BUD isnt that far either. As for Uzhice (Ponikve), that airport is still a military airfield and unexploded bombs still havnt been cleared from what i remember. Out of the Serbian airports, Pristina could do well with Niki flights to compete with expensive OS on the VIE-PRN route, and Nis, although JAT's previous flights with the ATR failed to attract many passengers.

    The blog also forgets to mention Malev is still requesting for rights to Belgrade (although i doubt they would be approved because of their Pristina flights, as already seen with Adria), and Emirates is looking at lauching direct flights from Dubai to Belgrade.

  11. I hope they can kick OS out of the market! *evil laugh

  12. Thanks for the info about Uzice and Novi Sad airports! But all that you have said about them and what it has to be done is not impossible! I have flown within Europe to terrible small airports(Marseille MP2 for example is so busy but nothing special, or Milano(Bergamo/Orio al Serio) terible terminal but extremly busy etc....) If nothing else why already built and ready airports like INI, OMO, BNX wouldn't have more LCC airlines with a good marketing! Someone in the goverments of these countries has a HUGE benefit of NOT LETTING that happen! Nis is the 3rd largest city in Serbia and without flights now, that is sad!

  13. @ anonymous

    Building an airport in Novi Sad would be very irresponsible considering Novi Sad is only an hour drive from Nikola Tesla Airport. The Batajnica Airbase in Belgrade apparently is being prepared to be used for civilian flights, which has been mentioned could become a low cost airport for Belgrade and an alternative airport to Nikola Tesla Airport during days when fog disrupts flights. Batajnica is even closer to Novi Sad compared to Surchin where Nikola Tesla Airport is located. Also many people from Novi Sad go to Budapest for flights, by combi and by train (the train from Novi Sad arrives at Keleti station in Budapest at 6AM). Upgrading airports in Serbia would be good if Serbia had poor infrastructure, but roads here aren't bad. I think maintaining existing usable airports should be the priority. Nikola Tesla Airport lacks a proper cargo centre, Terminal 1 could do with an upgrade. I think maybe Uzhice (Ponikve) Airbase could be brought to standard and given civilian status.


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