Swiss rejection

No go for Montenegro Airlines
Montenegro Airlines faces the possibility of delaying or ditching the launch of its services from Niš Constantine the Great Airport in Serbia to Zurich after the Swiss authorities declined to issue a license to Montenegro’s national carrier. Recently, Montenegro Airlines received fifth freedom rights to operate flights from a country other than its own (Serbia) to another country (Switzerland). The Serbian Aviation Directorate issued the all clear to Montenegro Airlines and even put together Montenegro Airlines’ license request to the Swiss authorities. However, the Swiss are not interested. Montenegro Airlines used to operate flights from Niš (and Belgrade) to Zurich when it was flying the flag of the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro. After the break up in 2006, Montenegro Airlines was forced to end all flights between Serbia and countries other than Montenegro. Montenegro Airlines hoped to escape this problem by registering a new airline in Serbia called Master Airways. The airline never took off to the sky and a wide scale corruption investigation is being carried out against all of those involved in the project.

The Swiss authorities are set to give their final decision within a month. The Swiss do not wish to issue fifth freedom rights to Montenegro Airlines whose country is not part of Europe’s open sky policy, but intends to benefit from it on the count of other countries.

Visit tomorrow for latest developments regarding Croatia’s controversial new airport regulations


  1. Zrak11:02

    Bad news for Nis. Another bad news is that MCA Airlines lost its permission few days ago.

    This site is listing MCA Airlines as starting new line between Nis and Stockholm.

    So I guess that one wont happen either...

  2. Anonymous11:15

    Meh I am not that sad... i wouldn't say I am happy, but not far from there...

    So sinec MCA lost the permission what is left there in Nis?

  3. JATBEGMEL12:37

    Bad news for YM. Hope JAT returns to INI with some better scheduling, better fares.

    JAT was always a national airline, whether for Yugoslavia or now for Serbia, so its operations shouldnt be limited to just Belgrade! Its a sham however that they cant even sort themselves out in Belgrade.

    I guess that leaves just Windjet flying to Nis, but wonder how thatll go. Shame Centavia didnt get to launch scheduled flights, im sure their BAe's would of served INI.

  4. Anonymous16:15

    This is official now, no good news form our countries ;-( My God, i know that cancelling some flights is not the end of the world, but lately I haven't heard anything good from Ex Yu :-( I think it would make anyone sad :-(

  5. ANONYMOUS17:28

    No surprise at all - WHY on earth would the Swiss CAA allow this? Once they allow YM (or whomever else) to operate on a 5th freedom basis through Serbia then they would not be able to stop them going via Belgrade (unless they were to completely re-open the bilateral agreement, and why should they do that?)


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