Development at Sarajevo Airport

Airport expansion and Airport City for Sarajevo in 2010
On December 15, 2009 the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) gave the all clear for the payout of a 25 million Euro loan. The loan will finance an extension of the passenger terminal, together with upgrading and expanding the taxiway and apron. The investments are required to meet the growing passenger traffic at the international airport. The total project cost is expected to amount to 31.9 million Euros. Sarajevo Airport now has to wait for a formal signing between them and the EBRD in order to receive the payout.

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s minister for transport, Nail Seckanović, said that Sarajevo Airport will repay the loan entirely since the airport operates with a profit. The EBRD will also help to increase revenue from catering and parking at the airport.

Meanwhile, Sarajevo becomes the latest EX-YU capital city to receive an Airport City. Airport Centre Sarajevo (ACS) will have a shopping centre, 110 individual shops, office space and 1.500 parking spaces and will be directly connected to the airport. The ACS will stretch over an area of 45.000 square metres. With all construction permits received, the company in charge of building the project will most probably start with construction during the spring. Construction should last approximately 11 months and should be complete in 2011.


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  2. I've been to all airports in ex-yu, and I think Sarajevo airport is best organized, cleanest at least :)

  3. 'I hope after all this expansion and improvement work the airport taxes will be lowered to attract more carriers to Sarajevo'
    ....., I don't think thats going to happen since it will be from airport revenue which pays back the 25 million euro loan.

    But, if they do want to see low cost carriers then they will have to lower taxes.

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  6. frequentflyer11:57

    The airport doesn't need to expand until it increases its flights four-fold...

    So sad to see money wasted in that country due to inefficiency and bureaucratic bungling!

  7. Faris17:19


    Sarajevo airport terminal isn't expanding that largely, it's mainly the taxi-ways and apron being improved to allow more efficent aircraft movements and for larger parking spaces.

    With B&H Airlines expanding their fleet, they are going to need to park them somewhere... and with more parking spots more gates are needed.

  8. Anonymous11:32

    Does anyone know what is going on with B&H Airlines and these cancellations all the time, last few days the have had one cancellation (at least) every day, today even two!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway,as it has been said Sarajevo Airport(of all I have used in Ex Yu region but in Europe too) is one of the best airports. Terminal was spotless, well organised etc. I am not surprised they were the best airport under 1 milion pasangers category few years ago!


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