New flights to Belgrade

Soon in Belgrade
Another airline recently announced new flights to Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Airport. The low cost Danish airline Cimber Sterling will commence 3 weekly flights from Copenhagen to Belgrade using its Boeing B737-700. Flights are set to commence on March 29. Cimber Air merged parts of Sterling Airlines into its network after the latter proclaimed bankruptcy in late 2008. Interestingly, most of Sterling’s fleet was grounded in Belgrade upon the bankruptcy announcement as the airline used Jat Tehnika to service its aircraft.

Cimber Sterling will be in direct competition with Jat Airways on the route. Although ticket prices vary, an average return ticket with Cimber Sterling on this service will set passengers back 200 Euros (all taxes included). On the other hand, the average price with Jat Airways amounts to 255 Euros (all taxes included).

Meanwhile, rumours are circulating that Spanair will commence scheduled flights between Barcelona and Belgrade from the 2010 summer season. If these rumours become a reality, it would be the first time in 19 years that the two cities have been connected via a direct scheduled air service.


  1. Anonymous11:31

    Looked att Search enging called One return ticket with Cimber to belgrade approx 100 euro incl taxes. philswe

  2. Spanair?? :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
    I just can't wait for that to happen!!! :D :D :D
    My fingers are crossed :)

  3. Anonymous12:50

    Welcome to QI!
    It will certainly drop Jat's heavily overpriced route to CPH, which is good, but their prices could be slightly lower too! Anyway good news.
    As of Spanair rumors, it is about time to get direct link BEG-BCN, at a reasonable price. Although I would prefer Vueling to Spanair, but they have very good promotions for flights within Spain, flew MAD-BCN for 30e one way, felt like a sardine, but for that price and for a shorter flights, it is not a big deal...

  4. Anonymous16:34

    Vueling? Are you kidding me? Sure they are cheap and all, but they have absolutely no legroom! Still I can't wait to see BEG-MAD! Now that is a route that I would love to see happen!
    Spanair sucks, their service is crap and they charge you for almost everything! But oh well that is called Low-cost!
    Still welcome.

  5. anonymous217:29

    No kidding, buddy:))
    It was my personal feeling anyway...
    Flew with them BCN-LIS return for only 55e, brand new A322, cool crew, reasonably priced F@B for those wanted it, etc...compared to JK's cramped MD's much better experience.
    But again everyone's got different taste and that's fine.
    Anyhow, wouldn't mind both of them flying from BEG.

  6. Anonymous23:40

    I flew both Spanair and Vueling. Vueling from Barcelona to Madrid and Spanair to Frankfurt from Madrid. Don't know if you are tall but for anyone over 180 Vueling is hell, and knowing Serbs...
    Personally I think Iberia is the best of the bunch.

  7. Anonymous11:34

    I believe that Jat Airways had flights to Barcelona for a couple of years in the 1990s after the suspension of the sanctions, but this route was terminated.

    Spanair is to run a three times a week service between Barcelona and Belgrade.

  8. @Anonimus (the last one :) )

    Spanair should commence 3 f/w or you know that as a fact that those rumours are true and that Spanair will operate 3 f/w? :)

  9. great to see more flights to CPH and competition on the route. Many Serbs in Scandinavia yet there isnt anything special from JAT to the northern euro cities.

    Добродошао у Београду :)


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