B&H to Belgrade from May 1

Belgrade awaits B&H
After talks with the management of Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, B&H Airlines will apply for a license to operate flights to Belgrade 6 times per week from May Day, the airport’s press service reports. The national carrier of Bosnia and Herzegovina would operate the flights 6 times per week. The service would not operate on Saturdays.

B&H will go head to head with Jat Airways on this route. B&H Airlines code shares on Jat’s Sarajevo service. As a result, Jat will also code share on B&H’s flights. The Serbian national carrier also operates flights to Sarajevo everyday with the exception of Fridays. To make the competition even more interesting, both airlines will be using their ATR72s on the route. In February, Jat recorded a 14% drop in passenger numbers on the Sarajevo round trip service compared to February 2009.


  1. Anonymous09:22

    Nice that B&H Airlines is expanding their network, but I am concere is it going to work out? As you said JAT is the only at the moment on that route and they can't manage to fill up ATR72.... noew withe twice daily I am affarid that the planes will be even emptier... or competition is going to bring the prices down and fill up bot airlines' planes... Lets see!! Any info about the rest of the plans you mentioned few days ago for B&H airlines, as for BNX etc....? Thanks

  2. One thing that is crutial about BH flights is times. Which I have not seen announced yet.
    Form what I have heard these should be evening departures from SJJ to both BEG and ZAG. If this is true, then BH is not going head to head with JU and OU but complements the exisiting service. Currently, there are no morning flights to SJJ from either ZAG or BEG. Also BH might get some conecting pax from zag and beg on their other flights (IST)

  3. Anonymous09:40

    Good point, I hope it will work out, but of course price will be important, if they lower prices than we can see brighter days for BH and the rest :-)

  4. Anonymous10:56

    Do they code-share with OU?

    Obviously they are not going to compete with JU since they are code-sharing on the route. BUT what is good is that JU can consolidate its position in SJJ thanks to B&H launching the flights, so now people who fly from Belgrade will not have to sit for hours in BEG airport. But wouldn't it be wiser if they operated an afternoon flight to Sarajevo from Belgrade in order to get the passengers coming around 14-15 on JU's flights from Europe?

  5. I can't believe it, it's great news! But I still won't believe it to 100% until it is confirmed that B&H Airlines is flying to Nikola Tesla.

    Transportation is developing more and more between the two countries as the rail line between BiH and SRB (via Croatia) opened a couple of months ago, ...and now added competition via air transport. This will also enable people to take city breaks in BEL/SRJ more often!

    Good marketing and good prices along with a suitable schedule would be good :D:D

    ...and the picture of Belgrade looks absolutely picturesque and beautiful!


  6. frequentflyer11:39

    Interesting news, but as usual it is dependent on price of tickets, and timing of flights.

    I think this will be best found through the summer schedule - my bet is the flights are going to be where the AT7 used to fly to ZRH, sadly poor timing out of SJJ (two flights in around 2hrs), but a mid-morning return from BEG.

    @ Anonymous (#4)

    Codesharing with OU stopped in 2008. Unsure why, as it really cut JA's most frequent service (14 weekly flights)

    Of course, cooperation between the two was at its greatest when there were also flights via OMO.

  7. Anonymous13:50

    I think that some flights via OMO would be grea for people there to conect at ZAG either BEG!!

  8. Anonymous13:53

    and yes the picture of the view at Old Belgrade is just stunning!!

  9. Anonymous14:35

    I have just read info that flights SJJ-BNX will start May 1st too. SJJ-BNX evening daily, BNX-SJJ morning daily + 4 more daily flight BNX-SJJ. If this starts it will be amazing!!!!! Prices for other European destinations B&H airlines from BNX via SJJ of course will at the same price as from SJJ. Go Banja Luka GO :-)

  10. Anonymous16:47

    Does B&H Airlines have stunning male flight attendants like Adria Airways haha...

  11. Anonymous17:16

    Unfortunatly I don't think so :-(

    Anonymus, noone like Adria :-))))

    Pozz iz Londona

  12. @ Frequentflyer,

    A couple of weeks ago, BH Airlines re-adjusted the ZRH flights to an AT7 again.

    Maybe for an AMS route, but this is just speculation..

    As it is B&H we are talking about, lets just wait and see..

    All the best for BH!


  13. Anonymous19:46

    @ Anonymous

    I don't think B&H has any male flight attendants. regardless, I don't think anyone can get even vlose to Adria's guys. They look like top models :)

  14. Anonymous21:07

    Good news and I think this is the best solution for JU and JA! JU is in no position to consolidate its SJJ route by adding flights, in order to reduce the waiting time for the connecting passengers!
    Good job... I don't see why they couldn't operate the flights to Belgrade via Banja Luka or at least a few of them?

  15. BH-AVIATION21:43

    @ Anonymous

    B&H have actually male flight attendants.

    Last time i flew with them there was two male and one women with B734.

  16. Anonymous07:27

    Does any other airline in the Ex-Yu region have as many fossiles as Jat or?
    Even though they do have a lot of young ones now!


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