Chinese want Zagreb Airport

The Chinese are coming
Chinese companies have formed a consortium that plans to compete for the construction of Zagreb Pleso Airport’s much anticipated and delayed new terminal, “Poslovni Devnik” writes. The yet unnamed Chinese consortium is also interested in participating in various other infrastructure projects across Croatia. The Croatian IGH company, which was considered a favourite in the running for the construction of the terminal building, will now face stiff competition for the job. The mayor of Zagreb believes that the construction of this project will finally commence in 2011.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Zagreb Airport, Tonči Peović, announced that the airport’s runway will be completely renewed. The 12.4 million Euro upgrade is necessary, according to Peović, as the runway can no longer handle the large aircraft it receives. The project is now awaiting approval. At a press conference, Peović also boasted his performance since becoming the airport’s CEO half a year ago saying that he has managed to attract various airlines after years of stagnation. He also announced that the airport’s balcony for aircraft spotting will soon once again be opened after many years, a treat for passengers and aviation enthusiasts.


  1. Faris10:27

    This is the sort of guy JAT need as CEO!

    I didn't know zagreb even had a balcony, and I travel often through there. It will be nice to snap a few photos from!

  2. Due to lack of investment in Croatia
    the chinese consortium will be welcome
    for managing(?) the Zagreb airport.
    Finally a modern airport?
    Please, Mr. Hu Jintao would you also mind to take Rijeka Airport into account?

  3. Lack of investment in Croatia??????

    What planet are you from Corrado?

    Just before the WFC, there was a lot of construction going on in Croatia from forign investment. Its nice to see a nation like China considering Croatia a safe place to put there cash, I wish other nations in the region would also show some interest, especially the Japs.

  4. Anonymous07:24

    Well this is no surprise, the chinese have been doing the same in Belgrade. They have given us a perfect credit, and the study for a new bridge has started and they have also shown interest to build us a metro... So the Chinese are here to stay!
    Something that annoys the EU big time

  5. Arturo08:48

    Frankly, you can't complain if the Chinese can get things done 10x faster (and cheaper). Otherwise, we're just degrading ourselves into ideological struggle. It's nothing just business after all. If Europe was receiving Marshall Aid out of a political motive in the past, why can't the Balkan just give the Chinese a chance to make some money? I see more benefits than disadvantages.

  6. Dear Q400,
    do you know why the project of the new terminal in Zagreb was postponed?
    ...because the HR Government is short of money.
    You know the current economic situation in Croatia, don't you?

  7. Corrado,

    I guess I was thinking pre WFC. I understand the situation is different now and any foreign investment is welcome. I would rather it come from countries which are known to be more quality driven then bottom line driven but I guess beggars can't be choosers.

  8. And yes, it would be great to finally see a decent terminal at Zagreb!


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