Crisis continues

No relief for Croatian airports
Croatian airports continue to record decreased passenger numbers for a second consecutive month in 2010. In February 2010, Rijeka Airport recorded the greatest passenger decline when compared to the same month last year, while Osijek reported the greatest increase with growth of 8.1%.

Croatia’s largest airport, Zagreb, saw passenger numbers slide by 7.5%, handling a total of 113.042 passengers. Rijeka’s numbers were slashed from 88 passengers in February 2009 to only 26 in February 2010, thus recording a 70% decline. Underperforming as well was Pula whose passenger numbers fell by 36%. Split handled 20.387 passengers, a decline of 16%. Zadar and Dubrovnik also reported a decrease in numbers.

The only Croatian airport which managed to report growth in February was Osijek with 80 passengers, an 8.1% increase. So far in 2010, Rijeka and Osijek are the only 2 Croatian airports seeing passenger numbers rise compared to last year.

Below you can view February’s 2010 results for Croatian airports:

AirportPassengers FEB 2010Passengers FEB 2009Change (%)
Zagreb113.042 122.168 7.5
Dubrovnik13.725 14.620 6.1
Pula998 1.559 36.0
Split20.387 24.525 16.9
Zadar1.516 1.694 10.5
Osijek8074 8.1
Rijeka2688 70.5


  1. Anonymous11:12

    What about BEG-Airport figures? Does anyone know what is going on there?

  2. frequentflyer11:16

    Woohoo for OSI!! Top of the list again... until you realise how paltry the numbers they're working off actually are.

    In all seriousness, are these numbers justified *alone* without looking at aircraft movements (and their subsequent and/or matching stats) and cargo numbers, which would naturally be lower during economic crisis?

  3. JU520 BEGLAX12:23

    Osijek soon will see its figures boosting with the arrival of Ryanair :-)

  4. Anonymous13:50

    Samo 26 putnika za Rijeku? To je vjerojatno bila posada sa nekog cargo aviona :)

  5. Anonymous15:46

    WOW this is just bad!! I would have assumed that by ow they would have recorded an increase!
    I am sure that Belgrade is posotive this month! But lets wait and see

  6. Anonymous17:12

    Who flew from/to Osijek in february when there is no "officially" any flights form there during winter?!

  7. As anonymous said before, probably some random passengers from cargo airplanes :)

  8. Anonymous08:39

    I think so, and I keep repeting that Osijek could do with all year around flights, Croatia Airlines or Ryanair or Germanwings could definitely do that!


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