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Jat dumps Pula
After 2 consecutive years of seasonal summer flights, Jat Airways will suspend services to Pula. The flights are to be replaced by the Belgrade – Portorož service which commences on April 15. Despite Croatia becoming a more popular destination with Serbian tourists each year, the airline has decided to remove the coastal Croatian city from its destination network. Instead it has opted for subsidised flights to Slovenia. The airline will focus on increasing its frequencies on regional services such as Skopje which will be served 12 times per week.

Services between Belgrade and Pula were resumed in 2008, after 17 years. The flights operated as summer seasonal flights in 2009 as well. There were indications that, due to the success of the service in 2008 and 2009, the flights could be extended all year round. During the 2010 summer season Jat will be operating flights to Trieste (3 times per week), Portorož (2 times), Ljubljana (6 times), Sarajevo (daily), Podgorica (21 times per week), Tivat (31 times), Skopje (12 times) and Ohrid (2 times) within the region.


  1. Anonymous09:09

    This was very bad News! I think this is some sort of a game between Jat Airwqays and Croatia Airlines, because Croatia Airlines Suspended flights to Belgrade from Zagreb, and now Jat is giving back with the Pula Flight! Both Airlines should change their Leadership! philswe

  2. JU520 BEGLAX09:10

    Lets hope JAT and Portoroz will find some cooperation to boost these flights together with the destination. The region around Portoroz/Piran including North-Istria on Croatian side have become a more and more popular tourist place where the quality standards improved very much in recent years. Only the openings of the two Kempinskis in Savudrija and Portoroz have given the place a complete different appearance.

  3. Its a shame that JAT is giving up on PUY. I was hoping that this summer the flights will continue with increased frequencies.

    @ anonymous

    I dont think its political. I would think if JAT had flights say to SPU or ZAD then the cancellation of those routes would be more political.

  4. Only a year earlier, Jat's general manager stated that the BEG - PUY service was the company's most profitable route, with an average cabin load factor of 98%


    Way to go Jat.

  5. Anonymous14:55

    Does this have to do with Pula losing the status of an international airport?
    But I think this has to do with JU not having enough planes...

  6. Anonymous16:51

    How on Earth PUY is loosing International status, with all those flight coming in summer season? Are flight from teh UK, Germany, etc domestic ones?

    Anyway, this is just bad news and I cannot believe that such a positive and good thing couldn't last! So for expected from the Balkans! Nasa posla :-(

  7. JU520 BEGLAX20:26

    As announced on yesterdays post, please find below further pax figures on JP ex YU routes:


    10MAR LJU-TGD 36 Y 01 C CRJ900
    10MAR TGD-LJU 37 Y 00 C CRJ900
    11MAR LJU-TGD 24 Y 01 C CRJ200
    11MAR TGD-LJU 38 Y 01 C CRJ200
    12MAR no flights
    13MAR no flights
    14MAR no flights
    15MAR LJU-TGD 38 Y 00 C CRJ200
    15MAR TGD-LJU 23 Y 00 C CRJ200
    16MAR no flights
    17MAR LJU-TGD 56 Y 00 C CRJ900
    17MAR TGD-LJU 40 Y 00 C CRJ900

    C = Business Class
    Y = Economy Class
    CRJ200 - 48 seats total
    CRJ900 - 86 seats total

  8. JU520 BEGLAX20:38

    Pristina Pax figures ex LJU:

    10MAR LJU-PRN 36 Y 00 C - A320
    10MAR PRN-LJU 69 Y 05 C - A320
    10MAR LJU-PRN 44 Y 01 C - CRJ200
    11MAR PRN-LJU 33 Y 01 C - CRJ200
    11MAR LJU-PRN 56 Y 02 C - CRJ900
    11MAR PRN-LJU 72 Y 01 C - CRJ900
    11MAR LJU-PRN 14 Y 00 C - CRJ200
    12MAR PRN-LJU 37 Y 01 C - CRJ200
    12MAR LJU-PRN 37 Y 01 C - CRJ900
    12MAR PRN-LJU 65 Y 02 C - CRJ900
    12MAR LJU-PRN 18 Y 00 C - CRJ200
    13MAR PRN-LJU 41 Y 01 C - CRJ200
    13MAR LJU-PRN 62 Y 05 C - CRJ900
    13MAR PRN-LJU 43 Y 00 C - CRJ900
    14MAR LJU-PRN 44 Y 00 C - A320
    14MAR PRN-LJU 89 Y 00 C - A320
    14MAR LJU-PRN 34 Y 01 C - CRJ200
    15MAR PRN-LJU 29 Y 05 C - CRJ200
    15MAR LJU-PRN 60 Y 01 C - CRJ900
    15MAR PRN-LJU 54 Y 00 C - CRJ900
    16MAR LJU-PRN 46 Y 02 C - CRJ200
    16MAR PRN-LJU 39 Y 00 C - CRJ200
    17MAR LJU-PRN 29 Y 00 C - A320
    17MAR PRN-LJU 57 Y 02 C - A320
    17MAR LJU-PRN 13 Y 00 C - CRJ200

    A320 = 162 seats total
    CRJ9 = 086 seats total
    CRJ2 = 048 seats total

  9. JU520 BEGLAX20:54

    Here some other interesting paxfigures:
    JP flights FRA-VIE-FRA
    only morning flights
    ETD FRA: 0700h
    ETD VIE: 0855h

    10MAR FRA-VIE 32 Y 08 C - CRJ200
    10MAR VIE-FRA 55 Y 14 C - CRJ900
    11MAR FRA-VIE 31 Y 05 C - CRJ200
    11MAR VIE-FRA 25 Y 06 C - CRJ200
    12MAR FRA-VIE 30 Y 14 C - CRJ900
    12MAR VIE-FRA 49 Y 08 C - CRJ900
    13MAR no flights
    14MAR no flights
    15MAR FRA-VIE 70 Y 06 C - CRJ900
    15MAR VIE-FRA 40 Y 06 C - CRJ900
    16MAR FRA-VIE 34 Y 08 C - CRJ200
    16MAR VIE-FRA 27 Y 15 C - CRJ200
    17MAR FRA-VIE 26 Y 03 C - CRJ200
    17MAR VIE-FRA 21 Y 03 C - CRJ200

    JP operates Mon-Fri 3 daily flights from FRA to VIE
    Saturday no flight
    Sunday 1 flight

    FRA ETD 0700, 1420 and 1825
    VIE ETD 0855, 1620 and 2005

    CRJ 200 - 48 seats in total
    CRJ 900 - 86 seats in total

  10. Arturo06:44

    to JU520BEGLAX,

    Thanks for the info. I'm not surprised by FRA's perfomance. After all, LH feeds all the North American flights through LJU to southern Balkan. But PRN? GOSH! I just don't understand that place, as if after all those new services, demand remains unlimited.

  11. Anonymous07:59

    I do agree, numbers are amazing, especially PRN, I do appreciate the fact the are so many people abroad from Kosovo, bit it seems that they travel on a daily basis ;-) Good for them!

  12. Anonymous08:05

    And W6 services from Zagreb to Dortmund are staring only on Saturday March 13th, they didn't start on 8th as it was announced.
    Did they say in JAT why they are dumping Pula?


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