From Rijeka to Niš

Soon flights from Rijeka to Niš
Those that believed that there would be no flights between Croatia and Serbia this summer might be surprised to learn that the Croatian charter airline Adria Wings will commence flights between Rijeka and Niš as early as May. The news comes after Niš’s recent tourism fair where the city authorities and the management of Rijeka Airport agreed on the terms of the new service. Rijeka Airport’s management hopes that passengers from Niš will not only visit Rijeka but will also use the airport as a transit point towards Western European destinations.

Adria Wings was once known as Air Adriatic, which was Croatia’s first privately owned airline. Air Adriatic lost its operating license in 2007. The city authorities in Niš have come under fire for large subsidies it has given to low cost airline Wind Jet and Montenegro Airlines for their operations from the city. According to a report by “Balkan Insight”, Niš is obliged to cover the cost of 40 seats on each Montenegro Airlines flight and 100 seats on every Wind Jet flight. Critics say that tax payer’s money should be spent on more pressing issues as the city suffers from underdevelopment and unemployment.


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    Any idea if 'Adriatic Wings' has an AOC????

    Also, the guy that used to be the chief pilot and director of Air Adriatic holds that roll now will Dubrovnik Airlines. Unless someone here can tell me that Adriatic Wings has an AOC? Then, I bet this one wont’ fly.

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