Master Airways resurrected

From the courts to the sky
Four years ago, following the breakup of the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro, Montenegro Airlines created Master Airways, its Serbian offspring which would allow it to keep all its lucrative Belgrade – Zurich flights as well as charters from Belgrade. However, the airline was denied a license and the Montenegrin high court filed charges against Zoran Djurišić, Montenegro Airlines CEO and the CEO of Master Airways for the unlawful lease of aircraft which are not fully owned by Montenegro Airlines. The court proceedings are still ongoing.

Times have changed and Montenegro Airlines has once again sent in documentation to the Serbian Aviation Directorate for the registration of Master Airways. This time it is expected to receive all necessary licenses. Nebojša Stračević, the chief of the Serbian Aviation Director told “Blic” newspapers that all documentation has been received. Starčević, a former Jat Airways CEO who was run out of the company in 2008, was once a staunch opponent to the liberation of Serbia’s skies but now says that competition will do Jat good. Master Airways will have the same conditions as Jat Airways because it will be a Serbian registered company.

Montenegro Airlines plans to base Master Airways in Niš with 2 Fokker F100 aircraft. It plans on setting up flights from Niš Constantine the Great Airport to Budapest and Paris at first. Whether these flights would operate via Belgrade remains to be seen. The airline hopes to launch services in June. Master Airways has the full support of the city authorities in Niš which would allow the airline free handling of its aircraft at the airport and possibly subsidise certain routes. Montenegro Airlines and the mayor of Niš recently signed an agreement of cooperation.


  1. JU520 BEGLAX09:24

    completely unnecessary project with no chance for a bright future.
    The once pride aviators in Yugoslavia are today deadlocked with no concepts, creative ideas and no progress at all. The Oceanliner in the storm is definitely missing its captain.

  2. Anonymous10:24

    Seiously, I so hope that this 'thing' will fail! The last thing we need is another Montenegran money washing project in Serbia!
    As for Starcevic, he is so lucky that he lives in Serbia, coz anywhere else in the world he would have been out of the aviation business before he knew it!
    I will keep on wishing and dreaming that this project will fail, yes, just because it's a montenegran owned company!

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  4. I do not mind if Master Airways start operating some routes... The more airlines the bigger competition with JAT will be...

    It'll be interesting to see flights from INI to ORY for example, operated via BEG. I think it would be the first route being flown via BEG, from INI after many, many years... That way, these two cities would be air-connected, and with good prices a 3 hour-bus-journey would be replaces by less then half an hour flight :D

    I really dont get it! And I probably never will - JAT should try to make some routes more then popular and profitable! In the beginning JU could use AT7s with 50euro returning ticket 3 times per day on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday - with departures from BEG at 12h, 17h and 23h, and from INI at 5h, 14h and 18h. On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday one or maybe two flights would be enough. I bet It'll do the trick!
    Plus! - Montenegro has a population around 600.000: 5 daily flights BEG-TGD and 2 daily BEG-TIV (and please add summer charters as well!). Numbers speak for themselves. You do tha math 'bout BEG-INI profitability and popularity :)

    Just look at FRA-MUC 12 daily flights and both cities are very well connected with the rest of the world! :)


  5. Summer Belgrade 2010 schedule!!! :D :D :D

    Aegean Airlines
    A3 972/973 - all flights are scheduled at the same time every day. That gives me conclusion that A3 974/975 will probably be scheduled daily afternoon. :D

    RO 213/214 - rescheduled from Friday to Tuesday and Thursday. Altogether 4 weekly flights.

    MA 460/461 without any change, but they are dobule daily from 28.03 :D :D :D
    MA 468 arrival at 23.59 and MA 469 early morning departure :D :D :D

    4U 948/949 increased from 3 to 4 weekly flights to CGN :D

    TU 264/265 DJE-BEG-DJE on day 2
    TU 224/225 TUN-BEG-TUN on day 3
    TU 226/227 MIR-BEG-MIR also on day 4
    TU 6180/6181 MIR-BEG-MIR on day 4

    BJ 7226/7227 MIR-BEG-MIR on day 2
    BJ 7942/7943 MIR-BEG-MIR on day 2 and 5

    Turkish Airlines
    They changed flight number to TK1081/1082. I guess they do that every year.
    But, TK should definitely go twice a day...

    VV217/218 increased from 1 to 4 weekly flights, but without stop in SOF on route to BEG.

    Air France
    They changed flight number to AF2636/2637 just like TK did...but why?
    And there is JU8241 CDG-BEG arriving at the same time with AF2636 - is it just a code share or what?

    CSA Czech Airlines
    OK 834/835 without change
    OK 836/837 6 times per week (without day 6)

    Montenegro Airlines
    decreased from 4 to 3 daily flights!
    From 28.3. to 17.06. - 3 daily instead of 1 daily to TIV: YM200/201, YM202/203 and YM204/205
    From 18.6. to 26.9. - 7 daily flights to TIV! :D YM200/201-YM211/212.

    LOT Polish Airlines
    increased from 4 to 5 weekly flights

    Pegasus Airlines
    PGT719/720 goes 2 weekly to AYT.

    Norwegian Air shuttle
    Changed days to 1 and 4.

    And of course no need to mention Spanair to BCN, AirBaltik to RIX, Cimber to CPH, WizzAir to LTN and DTM.

    I'm also curious about JAT summer schedule! ;)

  6. Anonymous14:07

    Guys, stop thinking about politics... The more competition the better, potential passengers are the only who could benefit. Even if there is no chance that project will be success who cares, lets see what might happen, stop being nostalgic about once upon a time airlines, sooner or later LCC will conquer us all. Best wishes to every strat up project!

  7. Wow, Olympic Air is relaunching 2 daily flights from Athens! :D One in the morning and one in the evening. Added Aegeans' flight around 10 am (and I suppose maybe one more daily around 4am), that's 21 weekly flights on this route! JAT should definitely terminate its ATH service and maybe increase SKG to weekly?
    I'm happy to see OA again! But OA and A3 merger is still in question... we'll see what's gonna happen there ;)

  8. Anonymous21:00

    I am really glad that INI will get what deserves! The city of that size deserves an airport and few destinations from it to main European airports. I think it is a good idea even if tehy "wash any money" i do not care, as lond as people get connected that what matters, if they don't wash it there they would do it somewhere else!

  9. Anonymous01:51

    @ 2nd Anonymous,

    How did you come up with the conclusion that the customers will benefit from the increased competition. For there to be a competition, first they have to compete. Jat is not really flying out of Nis, so where is the competition? The only thing that you're getting is that Nis will have more routes. However, not sure if that will work out, either. People from Nis constantly cry about how Belgrade is at fault because foreign airlines are not flying to Nis. And yet, when Windjet started flying to Forli the planes weren't even half full. That means that the demand isn't there at all. Granted, these new routes to be flown by Master, Paris and Budapest, are better destinations (especially Paris), but I doubt much will change. I just hope that the city of Nis will not subsidize this airline too.

  10. @ JU500

    Where did the news about OA relaunching the BEG-ATH flights originate from?

  11. Anonymous12:55

    Off course that is good to have competition on every route, but this what happening in past several months its not competition its a way on which someone destroying Jat, and that must be stopped

  12. JU520 BEGLAX14:07

    AZ will have a good flight as of Summer Timetable, leaving BEG at 1805 and arriving FCO 1950. Connections ok to ATH,BCN,BEY,BRU,BUH,BUD,EZE,CAI,DAM,IST,LHR,MAD,MRS,MXP,NRT,SVO,CDG,GRU,TPE,TLV,SKG,TIA and TIP. That's the last daily scheduled foreign carrier leaving BEG to a hub.

    @JU500: don t see OA in the schedule, as well A3 only once daily.

    Confirm no big changes with LH. Only timings are lit bit revised and MUC should be all flights operated with 319

    also no changes for LX to ZRH

  13. JU520 BEGLAX14:10

    @JU520 BEGLAX

    I did not take all the AZ connection destinations for the evening BEG-FCO flight. Connections are ok to:

    plus of course Italia Domestic airports which I did not check

  14. "Off course that is good to have competition on every route, but this what happening in past several months its not competition its a way on which someone destroying Jat, and that must be stopped"

    You not only don't have a clue, you don't even know where the line is where they're giving them out.

    That must be stopped?

    Where to even start?

    The purpose of an airline is to fly it's passengers from point A to point B for the least amount of money.

    If Jat can't do this, if Jat is 'destroyed' by competition, then it deserves to die.


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