New aircraft arriving soon

Two more Dash8s in Zagreb soon
Croatia Airlines will accept new aircraft in the following days. The Croatian ministry for sea, transport and infrastructure reports that the national carrier will receive 2 Bombardier Dash 8 Q400s within the next 2 weeks finalising the acceptance of the 6 aircraft order. The airline received its first Dash 8 in May 2008. All of the aircraft are new and are on a 6 year financial lease to the airline. This aircraft type now becomes the most predominant one in the Croatia Airlines fleet. The Croatian national carrier also has an option of ordering a further 4 Dash 8s.

Meanwhile, the airline will farewell one of its Airbus A320s. The aircraft, registered 9A-CTM, will leave the fleet following the arrival of the Dash8s. The interior of the A320 in question has already received a new look for its next customer. The aircraft bore the Star Alliance livery which has now been transferred to an A319, registered 9A-CTI. Croatia Airlines has 4 Airbus A319s on order which should start arriving in 2 years. It already has 4 aircraft of this type in its fleet.


  1. Anonymous09:15

    where is the 320 going?
    and how old is it?

  2. 9A-CTM is going back to the leasing company. It is about ten years old.

  3. frequentflyer05:56

    Sensible, logical fleet upgrade. A popular choice with passengers and obviously a money-maker if airlines around the world are interested in acquiring Qs for their short-haul networks.

    What will they name these aircraft? We know the frame numbers are 4300 and 4301, are there any regions/cities left in Croatia to name the fleet after? Is it likely one of these two planes will take Šibenik after 9A-CTM?

    And finally, is the airline going to order any more of these planes? Another one or two would fit in nicely and help expand OUs network, especially into neighbouring countries/cities.

  4. Since the names on the current Qs are "Istra", "Dalmacija", "Slavonija" and "Lika" I would guess they would continue the trend of baptizing them after historical regions. I could imagine "Kordun" and "Banovina", or why not after some islands like "Brac" and "Korcula"...


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