Terminal 360

Current Zagreb Airport terminal
Tonči Peović, the CEO of Zagreb Airport, announced on Friday that the price tag for the construction of the long awaited, and endlessly delayed, new terminal will most probably amount to a hefty 360 million Euros. According to Peović, the airport would have to buy a nearby parcel of land, which is privately owned, in order to build the terminal. The owners of the nearby land stand to gain millions. The daily “Novi list” has reported that Peović said that the purchase of the private property would cost a total of 50 million Euros, meaning the whole project would amount to 360 million Euros. A public competition for the terminal building concession should be announced in the near future. Tonči Peović remains optimistic that Croatia’s largest infrastructure project will commence soon. He said that the airport authorities are waiting for the green light from the Government. The previous terminal project, which was supposed to be under construction since last year, was cancelled due to its high costs.


  1. I know many here will not agree with me but building this terminal will be good for Croatia! 360 million is a lot of money but if that is what it cost and a world class terminal is built then it will be a success for Zagreb.
    Too many in the region do not understand that without good infrastructure a country will not progress as fast.

    I just wonder how much 360 million euros is in yuan?

  2. Anonymous11:51

    Just for information: the terminal is getting so expensive because the building gound has been moved towards the private land, instead of keeping it to the initial plan. Does is it ring an bell?

  3. frequentflyer22:55

    I'd love to know who associated with the airport redevelopment owns this land and is set to pocket millions of taxpayer euros...

    For that overpriced project (and for Chinese prosperity!), the building must have a capacity of 8mil pax, or be shaped in a figure 8.

  4. This will be a good test for Croatia on her way to the EU. If Croatia is serious about reining in on corruption then it would be easy to find out if anyone has purchased this land recently and if there is good reason for the terminal to be built on this site.

    I can still recall about 15 years ago just before RAAF Base Scherger was built, a federal minister opened a concrete company near by and guess which company got to poor all that concrete for the ramp and runway. He was found out.


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