18 years later...

On its way to Belgrade
Today, Spanair will operate the first ever scheduled flight between Serbia and Spain after 18 years. The Barcelona – Belgrade service will mark the return of the once popular route, operated by JAT Yugoslav Airlines. Today’s special flight from Barcelona will carry with it many famous faces including Pasqual Maragall i Mira, former president of the Catalonian Government and the mayor of Barcelona for 15 years, as well as the CEO of Spanair and members of the Spanish press, the “Blic” newspaper reports . The Serbian Embassy in Spain has purchased tickets for Serbian students studying in Spain in order for them to be the first passengers on the maiden flight. The airline will organise a press conference at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Belgrade in the afternoon to celebrate the new service. Today’s flight is nonrevenue with standard flights beginning on Saturday.

Speaking at an economic forum in Belgrade yesterday, representatives of Spanair said that they chose to commence services to Belgrade because they see great potential and want to get in early. The airline says that Spaniards are world travellers and that Belgrade will be a popular destination. Similarly, Serbs hold Spain in high regard and Spanish holiday resorts have become a popular place for Serbian tourists.

Yugoslav Airlines began flights to Madrid and Barcelona in the late 1980s. They were terminated after economic sanctions were introduced in May 1992. Spanair will also commence services from Madrid to Belgrade on May 28. All flight details for the Barcelona and Madrid services can be found on the right hand side in the new route launches section.

On another note, Jat Airways will also celebrate today. The airline will resume flights to the Slovenian town of Portorož after 19 years.


  1. Congratulatios for Serbs and SpanAir, this is great news for Serbian travelers,BEG airport has received so many new flights after visa regime introduced, while our poor Macedonian airports are the one on the bottom even Montenegro with 600 000 people maybe has more passengers then Macedonia :) with 2,100,000.
    my dear Macedonians i am as well Macedonian but we are so stuborn :( Macedonia is not Maldives,Bahami or Thailand but Macedonia can deff serve about 1,000,000 passengres per year.
    We are just to lazy to do something as well like all Balkan countries.

    Once again congratulations to Serbia and Span Air.

  2. What aircraft are they using on thoise route? A320?

  3. Yes this is A320 they are using.


  4. Anonymous19:02

    halleluja for this news!!!!!

    So nice to hear this! Great! Lets hope other airports will follow similar story!

    It is so nice to see Barcelona and Madrid flights from BEG, and Portoroz :-)))) I wish JAT only continued Pula....

  5. Anonymous21:28

    It was about time to get direct air link between Serbia and Spain.
    Congratulations and welcome to Spanair!
    With so many flights to/from Barcelona, it will give us numerous connection options within Spain, at a reasonable price.
    With flights to Madrid from May, it will be even better.

    Sure Belgrade route will be a success for Spanair, even within the first year of operation.

  6. frequentflyer02:19

    Congratulations to Spanair on the new destinations, let's hope they can sustain it (and their company which seems to be in some financial turmoil) into the future. Would they not have been better though starting the route with a 717 - fewer seats needed to turn a profit initially, or is range a problem?

    On another topic, what are the chances that OUs 6th (really 5th) Q400 is going to be stuck in Canada now that the volcano has erupted near RKV and the plane cannot be easily transported across?

  7. Anonymous13:37

    will they open an office in Belgrade?

  8. Anonymous15:14

    iTravel group d.o.o.

    GSA Spanair

    Takovska 9
    11000 Beograd


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