Adria takes delivery of A319

Adria’s new A319 arrives
Slovenian flag carrier Adria Airways took delivery of a 135 seat Airbus A319 yesterday, expanding its fleet to 13 aircraft. The plane, which enters service tonight, will operate on Adria's European routes and longer charter flights, the company said. The new aircraft is on a long term financial lease from the AerCap investment group. It arrived from the Airbus Centre in Hamburg last night and bears the registration S5-AAP. Adria’s A319 will operate its first revenue flights tonight to Istanbul. With another A319 expected to arrive in May, Adria Airways’ CEO, Tadej Tufek, said that this was Adria’s biggest fleet expansion to date. “We now have a more cost efficient fleet which is inline with environmental regulations which are set to come into force in 2012”, Tufek told the Slovenian public broadcaster RTV SLO.

With another A319 on order, the airline is also awaiting the arrival of yet another Bombardier CRJ900. These aircraft will replace the airline’s sole Airbus A320.


  1. Anonymous09:09

    i wounder why is there a germen flag on the tail of the airplane?

  2. ^The photo was taken while the aircraft was still in Hamburg. It now has a Slovenian registration and flag.

  3. Anonymous12:19

    do they have IFE?

  4. Anonymous13:09

    Yes, IFE on board, though not in seats but on top (LCDs). Still better than nothing =)

  5. I was reading about this on the Slovenian National TV's website yesterday. They mentioned that Adria could fly with its new A319 non-stop to Dubai. I think that Adria might as well decide to start LJU-DXB route this coming winter. A319 would be ideal for this route, especially considering the fact that Adria's fleet during winter months is not used to its full potential. This could be now easily solved by increasing its presence in the Middle East and passanger transfer to DXB on their way to Australia and Far East.

  6. Anonymous23:32

    Unrelated but GREAT NEWS!
    According to their website, Wizz Air changed the start date (June 20th), frequency(MWFSu) and departure time (17:35 from London) on LTN-BEG route.

  7. Anonymous11:03

    I suppose that WizzAir is getting a lot of bookings if they are moving the launch date by a month and adding a new frequency!


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