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Adria from Trieste and Maribor
With 6 days to go until the closure of Slovenia’s largest airport, Ljubljana Jože Pučnik, an unhappy Adria Airways will heavily reduce operations during the 2 week runway reconstruction and base its aircraft not only in Maribor, in Slovenia’s North East, but also in Trieste in Italy. The airline will be reducing services to various destinations and will base 6 CRJ200s and 3 CRJ900s at Edvard Rusjan Airport in Maribor. The airline’s Airbus A320 will be based in Trieste on the boarder between Italy and Slovenia and will operate daily flights to Istanbul as well as charter operations to Greece, Turkey, Tunisia, Spain and Egypt. On April 11 and 12 flights to Istanbul will operate from Maribor via Trieste. One CRJ200 and 1 CRJ900 will be grounded during the 2 weeks.

Adria is offering free parking for its passengers at Ljubljana Airport as well as free bus transfers to Maribor and Trieste. Adria anticipates that it will loose passengers due to the inconvenience but hopes to entice some with special offers. In a press release the airline said, “On certain flights from Maribor, during the period from April 8 to 20, with return flights no later than May 20, 2010, passengers will be able to fly round trip for 99 Euros, including all online purchase fees. This offer is valid for flights from Slovenia to Amsterdam, Belgrade, Copenhagen, London, Paris, Priština, Podgorica, Sarajevo, Skopje, Tirana, Warsaw and Zurich”.

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  1. frequentflyer03:40

    Not related to this post, but have either of OUs two new Q400s arrived yet, or do we have dates of their arrivals? This article states they will arrive by April 6.

  2. ^ 1 Q400 is on its way to Zagreb now

  3. Anonymous12:55

    First new JP A319 will arrive to LJU on April 22. Second will follow in May.

  4. JU520 BEGLAX16:34

    The ac registration for the 2 new Adria A319 are as follows:


  5. JU520 BEGLAX18:09

    Just heard that the Italian Civil Aviation Authority did not give permission for the Adria scheduled flights to IST plus the charter flights.
    So defintely all operation during the 2 weeks will take place in Maribor.


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