Decrease easing

Zagreb Airport
In March most of Croatia’s airports continued to report lower passenger figures than in March of 2009. Although Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Pula and Osijek all reported a decrease in passenger figures, the rate of the slide is easing. On the other hand, Zadar and Rijeka reported improved results.

Zagreb saw its passenger numbers decrease by 3.3% in March. The airport handled 144.074 compared to 149.086 last year. It is important to point out that the airport had 5.4% less flights than in March 2009. Pula continued its steep slide with passenger numbers decreasing by 26.8%. With only 48 passengers handled, Osijek’s airport figures decreased by 22%. Then again, Dubrovnik’s passenger decrease is slowing with the airport posting a decrease of less than half of a precent.

Good news comes from Zadar and Rijeka. The 2 airports increased their passenger numbers by 62.8% and 13.7% respectively. Zadar handled an impressive 3.103 passengers. This is despite the fact the number of flights to the seaside town decreased by 2%. The passenger increase is much needed for Rijeka Airport which has been financially struggling over the past year. However, the recent volcanic ash cloud, which grounded flights across Europe, could have a highly negative effect on airport recovery in April.

Below you can view March’s 2010 results for Croatian airports:

AirportPassengers MAR 2010Passengers MAR 2009Change (%)
Zagreb144.074 149.086 3.3
Dubrovnik25.701 25.819 0.4
Pula1.562 2.134 26.8
Split27.779 29.027 4.3
Zadar3.103 1.905 62.8
Osijek4862 22.5
Rijeka1.5771.387 13.7


  1. Anonymous11:43

    Zadar is going to be packed this summer! FR alone has 11 destinastions! That is so great! Rijeka could definitely do better, airport is not bad at all and that part of Croatia has a huge potential!

  2. JU520 BEGLAX12:46

    fully agree with anonymous. I m convincend that Summer 2010 will be better than 2009, especially with all these new flights implemented.
    Croatia is a great destination and has invested smart into the hotel infrastructure. this will pay off with more and more tourists. And with the good hotels they have now, they will find tourists, who will not only come once, but regularly and in the long run.

    here a choice of some good and new adresses on the Adriatic:

    SAS Radisson Blu Resort Dubrovnik
    SAS Radisson Blu Resort Split
    Kempinski Golf&Spa Adriatic Hotel in Savudrija (Istria)
    Hotel The View, Novi Spa Hotels & Resort Novi Vinodolski with a spa covering 10000 m2

  3. Anonymous17:06

    I am 1st anonymus :-)

    I flew to/from ZAD last year with FR and the airport(for that size and capacity) is absolutely perfect! Everything was fine! As I ahve said milion times, people can complaint about FR, but because of them airport which we have never new about are important hubs last few years. I hope other airports and cities' authorities in the rest of Ex YU "will wake up" and follow what Zadar has done. For the prices FR VERY OFTEN oferrs I am sure that people who wouldn't normally fly/or go somewhere would do so.... Oddly enough, I don't understand why FR hasn't started from to DBV, SPU, all year around OSI, ZAG , RJK, SKP, OHD(Brits would just love it there!!!!!), INI, BEG, BNX, OMO, SJJ, TIV(cannot believe actually that there is no LCC flight to /from there!!), more flights from/to PUY,and so on and on......

    Does anyone know how YM is doing on INI-TGD route?

    Cheers everyone!


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