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The big bang


Europe's airlines and airports have called for an immediate reassessment of flight restrictions imposed because of volcanic ash from Iceland, the BBC reports. Flights are set to resume across the former Yugoslavia later tonight. According to the latest metrological information, the cloud of ash should completely clear over Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia by 02.00 CET Monday morning.

At 18.00 CET airports in Niš, Podgorica and Tivat reopened. Belgrade will open at midnight. Despite the Montenegrin airspace reopening, the country's national carrier has cancelled all services today.

All of Adria Airways’ flights have been cancelled for today. At 20.30 CET Adria will announce the scale on which it will be operating tomorrow.

All airports in Croatia have reopened with the exception of Osijek which remains closed. Croatia Airlines has already operated or will operate the following flight tonight: Split - Rome (2 return flights), Zagreb - Dubrovnik (2 flights), Zagreb - Split and Zagreb - Sarajevo.

Bosnia and Herzegovina's airspace has been reopened as has Sarajevo Airport since 12.00 CET. Although, nearly all flights to and from Sarajevo have been cancelled.

Macedonian airspace was open today. However, most services from Skopje had been cancelled as they were due to operate either to Western Europe or the former Yugoslavia.

Airlines are losing millions for each day that their aircraft spend on the ground. The ash drama could have a big impact on the finances of EX-YU airlines, especially when their already less than impressive balance sheets are taken into account.


  1. Anonymous18:33

    Thanks; very helpful info here.

  2. Anonymous19:08

    As of tomorrow we can expect the flights from Belgrade to the following cities to be resumed: Athens, Barcelona, Bucharest, Budapest, Istanbul, Kiev, Ljubljana, Milan, Podgorica, Prague, Rome, Sarajevo, Skoplje, Tivat, Trieste, Vienna, Warsaw, as well as non-European flights. Munich might reopen, but due to a backlog of flights there, Belgrade flights will probably be canceled for a few days. Other destinations from Belgrade will most likely still be canceled (including but not limited to Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, London, Moscow, Paris, Stockholm).

  3. Anonymous19:13

    Vienna airport to reopen tomorrow morning at 6:00 CET.

    Flight operations are expected to resume at 6.00 am on Monday, 19 April 2010

    According to Austrocontrol, current conditions (as of 4 pm on Sunday) will permit the resumption of flight operations at Vienna International Airport at 6.00 am on Monday, 19 April 2010. Please note that this situation is under constant monitoring and evaluation.


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