Runway overhaul in full swing

Zagreb Airport
Following Ljubljana’s example, the runway at Zagreb’s Pleso Airport is now receiving a partial upgrade. The runway overhaul project began in April and will last until June 30. Linking taxiways to the runway will also be widened and receive some general repair. Aircraft are currently taking off and landing on a shortened runway which is 2.512 metres in length, compared to the regular 3.252 metres.

The airport has announced that some delays in take off and landing can be expected due to the reconstruction. Citizens of nearby neighbourhoods, namely from Velika Gorica, have complained about noise levels coming from the work site. The repairs are expected to be complete before the summer tourist season begins, the Croatian business portal “Poslovni Dnevnik” writes. Zagreb’s runway received its biggest extension in 1974. In 2004, the CAT-IIIb instrumental landing system was installed, allowing aircraft to land and depart in foggy weather.


  1. frequentflyer12:43

    Is there any aircraft currently using ZAG that can't take off at that length of runway (2,512m)?

  2. Freqflyer,
    The short answer to your question is no.
    We just had an Canada Air Force A310 land here yesterday (looked to be fully loaded).
    But, the potential problem is the suspension of the low visibility TO and landings at ZAG. Also, the ILS for both runways is out of service, (which means higher minimums cloud hight for landing) Only the NDB approach is available.

  3. PBY,

    What about the VOR approach?


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