B737-700 confirmed

A B737-700 in Jat’s flock in September?
The CEO of Jat Airways, Srdjan Radovanović, has confirmed the airline’s commitment to lease two Boeing B737-700 jets. The Jat Media Centre reports that the first B737-700 will be arriving in Belgrade in early September, while the second will come at the end of November 2010. The CEO outlined that all of Jat’s departments are working hard to prepare for the new aircraft. Radovanović also revealed that the airline’s finances are heading in the right direction and that all payments have been met. Recently, Belgrade Airport awarded Jat a financial bonus for carrying out all its financial duties on time.

In the past few months, Jat has been rolling out its new economy class cabin. Radovanović said that there will be new additions to economy class and that the airline is in talks with suppliers and is close to closing a deal with them. “Our economy class passengers will soon be receiving new service and new equipment”, Srdjan Radovanović said. He continues by saying that it will compliment the new catering which, as he puts it, is now better than that of most other airlines competing with Jat on European routes and new cabin crew which have recently started work at the airline.

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  1. Anonymous09:17

    It is all about management!
    I don`t know if all of this stated in the article is true, but if it is, that is very good news, no doubt. In mid-time run, it will be capitalized.
    Crossed fingers for Jat.

  2. JATBEGMEL09:46

    fingers crossed everything will be good. will be flying JAT returning home to Belgrade (outbound LH due to connecting flight) so will check out if i get the new cabin and what has changed. Im hoping the service on the DXB route is upgraded to a better standard. There isnt enough material to read Jat Review for 7+ hours!

  3. Anonymous11:00

    I will believe it, when I see the two B737-700 with Serbian registration at BEG airport!

  4. Anonymous13:04

    So, today they are confirmed? I can't wait for tomorrow's update!

  5. Anonymous13:35

    I have actually flown on the upgreaded JU's equipment and it sure damn is better!
    I am with you now when you are getting better as I was with you when you were worse!
    Jat, the best ambassador of Serbia with the longest tradition!

  6. Anonymous15:45

    I guess they don't intend on phasing out the -300's just yet if they have a lack of equipment.
    I am not sure if they will fly them to LHR and CDG... as there are other flights much earlier that depart around 07-08...
    I can see it on SVO especially if they decide to send the plane to DXB...

  7. Anonymous17:32

    As someone who works closely with JU I can confirm that these aircraft will finally come in September.

  8. Anonymous19:51

    Do we know some more specifics?
    Like the configuration, IFE, leather seats, dots on the tail..........

  9. Anonymous20:57

    Seeing is believing!

  10. Anonymous22:11

    Fingers crossed for Jat or however it will be called in the future.
    Surely there are some improvments and with new aircraft, service will become even better. However, they should consider many changes and improvements in price structuring like early booking and last minute discounts, more promotion rates etc.
    They can do much, much better.
    As somebody said above, it is all about management, ideas and people.

  11. Anonymous03:25

    @ Anonymous #5

    Yeah, they will phase them out...whether they like it or not. Jan 2012 is the date when some EU law comes into effect that will prevent any airplane built before 1990 to be flown within EU. Since our -300's are from 1986, they will not be able to operate them on EU routes.

  12. Anonymous03:58

    But their engines have been changed... it doesn't make sense to remove them.
    What about airlines like AF (don't they have 320's which are manufactured before '90, the same with some other airlines.

  13. JATBEGMEL11:20

    @ anonymous

    i think the law is more on engine noise not on date of manufacture. LH has some 737 classics which are over 20 years old.

  14. Anonymous13:23

    My mistake, then. I thought that it was for the entire airframe, not just the engines. I was under the impression that the purpose of this law is to prevent old aircraft (safety concerns due to metal fatigue) from flying within EU. Just when I was hoping for new airplanes :-)

  15. Anonymous13:40

    Anyone with information about new economy class "product"?

    Are they going to let us buy drinks in Dinars? Is that the upgrade?

    (Sorry for being cynical, but avoiding JAT for more than ten years and every time I get in their aircraft...I remind myself why!)


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