Recovery begins

Zadar Airport
Finally, airports across Croatia are reporting improved passenger figures when compared to last year. The lacklustre start to the year has been somewhat offset by gains made in May. Pula and Rijeka are the only major airports which reported a passenger slump.

With 184.965 passengers, Zagreb Airport saw its passengers increase by 1.4% compared to May 2009. The number of operated flights to the airport was the same as a year ago while the number of transiting passengers increased by 56%. Split also did well with the airport serving 113.925 passengers, an increase of 5.1%. Dubrovnik and Osijek also saw their numbers climb by 10.1% and 23.4% respectively. The biggest increase this May was recorded on behalf of Zadar which handled 22.900 passengers compared to 17.029 last May, an increase of 34.4%.

Pula and Rijeka airports did not have the same success. However, it is important to note that the decline at Pula is not significant. Rijeka on the other hand saw passenger numbers slide 53.7% and handled only 5.031 passengers.

Below you can view May 2010 results for Croatian airports:

AirportPassengers MAY 2010Passengers MAY 2009Change (%)
Zagreb184.965 182.342 1.4
Dubrovnik142.834 129.643 10.1
Pula23.308 23.712 1.7
Split113.925 108.351 5.1
Zadar22.900 17.029 34.4
Osijek2.3271.885 23.4
Rijeka5.03110.885 53.7


  1. Anonymous02:37

    well done zadar this is great news it shows what stubburness in rijeka not to accept ryanair flight does. I mean zadar can only get better im hopeing for more routes to southern destinations such as greece ect it would be very intresting!!

  2. Anonymous20:36

    Exactly, FR hhas done a great job in ZAD aand I hope they will extend their network, I hope as well that FR will try to keep some routes all year around as I am sure people would fly! RJK, what to say stupid decision, Fr would make a great BOOM there! Don't know why FR hasn't extend PUY to more destinations.

    Would be interesting to see OSI all year around and more destinations, and FR at ZAG too.


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