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1% passenger increase
Serbia’s Jat Airways transported 81.985 passengers in May 2010, a 1% increase compared to the same period last year, Jat Media Centre reports. The increase is mainly due to the surge in passengers on flights to Montenegro. In the first 5 months of the year passenger numbers on flights to and from Montenegro increased by 59%. In May 2010, Jat carried 68.891 passengers on Euro-Mediterranean flights (compared to 71.208 last year), 1.405 passengers on charter flights (compared to 3.032) and 11.689 passengers on Montenegro flights (compared to 7.365). The cabin load factor stood at 57%, which is 3% more than in May 2009.

Services to Malta and Tripoli reported the biggest increase in May compared to last year (up by 83%). They are followed by Podgorica (+71%) and Amsterdam (+56%). The biggest decrease is being reported on flights to and from Tunis and Thessaloniki.

In the first 5 months of the year Serbia’s national carrier transported 337.821 passengers.


  1. JATBEGMEL09:45

    i dont understand the reason for the TIP and MLA flights, but here its mentioned they have had an increase in passenger numbers. anyone got any info on the CLF for the flights?

  2. there are a lot of Lybian students here again

  3. Anonymous10:15

    TIP flight is crowded with people from civil engeeniring sector and more and more with football players and coaches. That`s it. Winter and summer frequencies are optimized to their movement needs. It is very good route.
    MLA is there for the tourist agencies which fit their offers to the that flight schedules, cause Malta is for long time existing, but not massive tourist destination for Serbs covered with no charters.
    I believe the whole route is one of the most stable and sustainable JAT`s route.
    Due to the growing competition in Serbian sky and reduced JAT`s resources, I belive that figures from this article are unexpectedly good. What do you think guys?

  4. Anonymous10:27

    MLA is not so much for the tourist, but rather for the relatively large Serbian minority living there. If I am not mistaken Serbs are the largest minority there.
    I agree with the anonymous, the results are rather good. I am happy for the Montenegran market, good for them for being there.
    It would be interesting to know what kind of loads do they have on the route to Thessaloniki. I guess now that we don't need a visa anymore Serbs would rather fly elsewhere than the usual destinations which explains why the loads are so light to Tunis and SKG.
    Does anyone know the loads to Scandinavia? Jat has strong competition there with both Sterling and Norwegian flying the route.

  5. The CLF in May for BEG-MLA-TIP-BEG was 27%. As for Thessaloniki there is an average of 26 passengers per flight both ways.

  6. Anonymous12:42

    what is the C in CLF, as I suppose that LF is load factor

  7. Anonymous12:46

    @ ex-yu aviation:
    Is that mean that CLF on the same route in may09 was 15% only?

    Anonymous #1

  8. Anonymous12:54

    is clf the average load factor?

  9. CLF – Cabin load factor (average number of passengers in the cabin).

    @anonymous – It seems so. All of the figures are provided by Jat media centre. If I remember correctly didn’t they just reintroduce flights to Tripoli and Malta in May last year? I might be wrong. In MAY 2010 they had a total of 1.090 passengers on the route round trip (16 flights).


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