Turkish gets Podgorica approval

In Podgorica from July 8
As was reported several weeks ago, Turkish Airlines plans to commence flights to the Montenegrin capital, Podgorica, in yet another expansion into the former YU market. With the Montenegrin Civil Aviation Agency just recently giving the all clear to Turkish, the airline will inaugurate service between Istanbul and Podgorica on July 8. Flights will operate three times per week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. It will be the first time that Turkish Airlines has operated scheduled flights to Montenegro with Podgorica becoming the airline’s 162nd destination. There is no denying that Turkish has a strong position in the region, operating scheduled flights to all former Yugoslav capitals. The airline has a 49% stake in B&H Airlines and has confirmed its interest in purchasing Serbia’s Jat Airways.

In a press release the Montenegrin Civil Aviation Agency said hat the new service will connect Montenegro with the world. “This is the first step in Turkish- Montenegrin cooperation”, the Agency points out.

All flight details can be found on the right hand side in the new route launches section.


  1. One correction - they've already launched that route ;)

  2. Anonymous14:58

    TK is a very serious company with modern fleet and their on-board service is excellent (especially food and Skyline magazine). In addition, IST is a great and efficient transfer hub and very pleasant APT altogether with excellent shops.

    However, they also have a couple of drawbacks. As far as I remember, their fares were always a bit higher than what some competitors (e.g. OK or JU on same routes) had to offer.

    Finally, the connections from former Yugoslavia via Turkey are appropriate and offered for eastbound flights only. It means that it makes sense for us to fly to Georga or Antalya, but you cannot go to Scandinavia, for example.

  3. That's why Belgrade, Skopje, Sofia etc are excellent places for transit passengers! All flights from east, bound to west could be good network originating from Balkan cities, to Spain, France, UK, Scandinavia and so on ;)

  4. Anonymous15:35

    I fully agree with JU500.
    That is why I do hope very strongly that such a thing will finally attract serious buyer for JAT.
    I cross my fingers for that.

  5. @JU500: According to Amadeus, Turkish Airlines and Podgorica Airport, the flights are being launched on July 8.

  6. Yes, the only thing left now is to hope that BEG will eventually become a major Balkan hub :)
    A friend from TGD told me he thought he saw a Turkish Airlines plane at TGD, which was odd to me, so I checked the airports website and there was one flight on Tuesday and one on Thursday. I thought these were just some charter flights with regular flight numbers (1081 begin for BEG and 1085 for TGD), but I guess I was wrong :) Check it yourself, maybe their site has some error or something like that...


  7. Anonymous07:25

    Does anyone know how are the loads on the B&H's flights to Belgrade?

  8. What a/c will be used on IST-TGD route?


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