Croatia Airlines suspends crew pay

Croatia Airlines takes crew to court
The saga between Croatia Airlines and its cabin crew continues after the airline’s management suspended pay to its cabin crew until further notice. A spokesperson from the cabin crew union said, “By suspending our pay they want to put more pressure on us and force us to halt the upcoming four day strike”. The union representative also said that the management is spreading false rumours that the airline will lose 4 million Dollars as a result of the strike. “We lost 500.000 Euros as a result of the volcanic ash cloud so we can hardly loose 4 million in four days. Besides, if the airline was earning a million Dollars per day we wouldn’t be reporting losses”.

The union of Croatia Airlines cabin crew will commence a four day strike starting tomorrow at 06.00 CET.

Ivan Mišetić, the CEO of Croatia Airlines, has said that the airline will request for the High Court to ban the strike. “We will seek all legal possibilities to ban the strike”, Mišetić said at a press conference. He hopes that the airline will be able to conduct 40% of its planned operations. He admitted that crew pay has been suspended (which is usually paid to the cabin crew on the 7th and 8th of the month), but he says this was necessary so affected passengers can be refunded.

Croatia Airlines has heavily reduced its schedule for tomorrow, July 9. You can view the airline’s revised schedule here.


  1. Doesn't look good and a very bad decision by OU management to suspend the pay like this.

    Makes me feel like boycotting the airline until this management resigns!

  2. Doot09:45

    How can that be legal?

  3. JATBEGMEL11:12

    I say let them strike!

  4. Doot, what part you not sure is / is not legal?

    I think OU management refusing to pay its workers is completely shameful.

    Might put in my resume for CEO of Croatia Airlines!


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