Germanwings success

More flights and more passengers from Croatia
Many low cost airlines have been reporting successful results this summer from various EX-YU airports. One of them is Germanwings, which expects to carry some 440.000 passengers from Croatia by the end of the year. Lufthansa’s low cost offspring anticipates that it will see a 10% passenger increase on flights heading to and from Croatia when compared to 2009. The airline explains that this is in part due to increased capacity. The German airline has increased its frequencies from Hannover to Zagreb and Split this summer. Germanwings’ Airbus A319 aircraft, operating to Croatia, have an average load factor of over 80% per flight and the airline believes that the same high numbers will continue throughout the year.

Germanwings operates flights to five Croatian cities during the summer months – Pula, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Split and Zagreb. The airline has been present in Croatia for several years. In the region, it operates flights to Belgrade, Priština and Sarajevo as well.


  1. Germanwings also flies to Prishtina International Airport (PRN) from Berlin Schonefeld, Cologne/Bonn, Stuttgart and soon from Hanover. In 2009 Germanwings carried approx. 80,000 passengers to and from PRN and was the 7th largest carrier at the airport.

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