Kraljevo Airport in 2011

Kraljevo Airport
As was reported a month ago, Serbia’s newest international airport will be located in the town of Kraljevo, in central Serbia. The project for Kraljevo Ladjevci Airpot has received much needed financial backing which could see the military airport open for commercial flights by the fall of 2011. The project is being headed by the town of Kraljevo but also by the nearby city of Kragujevac and ten other towns in central Serbia.

The 22 million Euros needed for the airport’s conversion into a commercial one will be funded by the Government of Serbia and Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. USAID-MEGA will finance the business strategy plan for the airport along with local municipalities.

An airport in Kraljevo, in central Serbia, would benefit many. Kraljevo is an industrial town and the need for cargo flights would be welcome. All industrial companies in Kraljevo have expressed their desire for the reconstruction of the airport. Kragujevac is home to the Zastava-Fiat car maker which will be producing new Fiat models in the city next year and a nearby airport would come in handy. Furthermore, Kraljevo is close to the mountain ski resort of Kopaonik which could see seasonal tourists. Ladjevci Airport was heavily bombed during the 1999 NATO air raids with most of the runway and the control tower destroyed.


  1. Anonymous09:47

    That's nice news. But before investing in building
    new airports, they should make INI working successful.
    Nis and its surrounding area is pleasant and is worth visiting. But you gotta advertise appropriate!

    My fave connections from INI would be:

    - via Istanbul to the Middle East/Asia
    - via Amsterdam to the Americas
    - via Budapest or Belgrade to the EU

    Plus this ugly Terminal must be built new.

  2. Anonymous13:51

    I agree about Nis, but does anybodz have the figures of Montenegro Airlines' flights INI-TGD-INI?

  3. Anonymous16:22

    I agree with the first anonymus, this is great news, but INI shoud be getting more flights and and should get a new terminal before they build another airport! this is the same like with Trebinje, BNX is empty, OMO doesn't ahver any flight AT ALL, TZL too, but hey waht the hell they are buliding ANOTHER AIRPORT!

    And yes, how YM is doing on
    INI-TGD-INI route. I must say I have checked their prices and they are very resonbale! RETURN LON-INi via TGD 190£ in August, I think that is a great deal! Not like Adria which charges £400 LON - BNX via LJU! BTW return LJU-BNX is over 190 euros!!!! for 40 min flight!!

  4. Geronimo12:37

    That´s good news that they are investing in this airport. In a lot of countries with Serbias size or similar have 4-5 airports within a radie/circle of 150-200km.It would be good if they invested in a airport in the north of the country also for the Subotica/Becej-Kikinda area.In a near future maybe Batajnica will work as an joint Army/Lcc airport.Subotica area 1 apt,Belgrade area 2 apt,Central Serbia 1 apt and southern Serbia 2 apt, it is enough for the country.

  5. JATBEGMEL01:31

    @ Geronimo

    Subotica is close to BUD and BEG so something special will need to be at Subotica to keep the flights.

    JAT attampted on having flights from BEG via INI in the past but they end up going direct from BEG due to 1 to 6 pax will actually book a flight from INI say to VIE!

    Its easy to build an airport, but what about the facilities going to the airport?

  6. frequentflyer08:04

    JU would have to make a daily shuttle service work to/from BEG (flying time is ??), and they'd hope to be securing an airline willing to fly direct to the Turin area...

    Let them give it a try, but it seems money wasted if purely for commercial flights.


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