Jat to Paphos from November

Paphos Airport
EX-YU Aviation News has received official confirmation from Jat Airways that it will commence scheduled flights to the Cypriot city of Paphos from November 2. The new service will also become a stopover for Jat’s Dubai bound flights (substituting Larnaca), which will operate 3 times per week during the winter. Jat has decided to make such a move due to the runway reconstruction taking place in Larnaca, although other flights to the city remain unchanged with flights to Paphos continuing throughout the winter. The destination will be used as a technical stop for the Dubai flights. Flight times will be only slightly altered as Paphos is located some 100 kilometres west of Larnaca. Paphos lies on the Mediterranean coast, on the Western side of the island.

Jat will maintain 2 weekly flights to Larnaca during the winter. Over the years Jat has served its flights to Dubai via various cities including Beirut in Lebanon and Kuwait City. Paphos becomes Jat’s second destination in Cyprus. All flight details can be viewed on the right hand side in the new route launches section. More major changes to the winter schedule are expected to be released by the airline soon.


  1. Technical stop?!?! JU hasn't got traffic rights between LCA and DXB, but the PFO-DXB leg seems to be bookable.

  2. JATBEGMEL09:44

    I think LCA-DXB is/was bookable. Its a shame that DXB isnt being brought up to 4 p/w at least.

  3. Anonymous10:18

    LCA-DXB is not bookable.
    Emirates has a monopoly on the route with their daily 330-200 flights.
    Last year Emirates carried over 100.000 passengers between Larnaca and Dubai.

  4. Peter from Sydney10:22

    Once runway repairs/whatever are done at Larnica, will the Paphos stop be canceled?
    If the reason for the Paphos stop is because of runway issues at Larnica, how are they still maintaining 2 flights a week to Larnica?

  5. Anonymous10:40

    ^ The article does say that flights will continue throughout the winter, meaning to at least March 30. I doubt they will be reconstructing the runway for 6 months.

  6. AirKoryoTU-20411:34

    when the 737-700's are delivered to Jat will they be operating the DXB services? If so they might have the legs for BEG-DXB non-stop?

    LCA-DXB is very monopolised as is ATH-DXB which operates twice daily.

    Why are there runway restrictions at LCA in the first place their active is around 1,000F~ longer than PFO, it maybe due to the runway extensions but that shouldn't limit the length by 1,000F!

  7. I really do not know why they did not introduce some new,well-know destination instead of PFO, like Beirut Kuwait, Ankara .... In that case they could earn some money on those routs, not just to perform technical landing.

  8. Peter from Sydney13:42

    I totally agree with b-737, why not introduce a more popular 'destination'?

  9. Anonymous14:32

    Cyprus is overwhelmingly popular for JU. Last Tuesday I was flying back home from LCA on JU. The plane was 100% full both in business and economy class. There was some group of 50 Cypriot tourists on the flight. As for the flight itself it was good. JU has improved and there was a mix of younger and older cabin crew. The PFO flights suit me great actually since I live closer to Paphos than Larnaca.

  10. JATBEGMEL14:53

    @ B737

    because PFO is probably replacing LCA for the season. I think JAT still has the rights for via KWI routing to DXB, but i think it chose to stay in Cyprus.

  11. Anonymous18:45

    The thing with Jat and Larnaca is that the route isn't constantly full. Sure, I think that this summer the flights were at least 80% full on average but now we are getting to the time when the planes start to become more and more empty.
    Could it be that Jat has arranged a deal with Kon Tiki or Jolly to have tourists flying there?

  12. The deal with Jolly or Kon Tiki is highly unlikely. Jolly is on a verge of bankruptcy and Kon Tiki would use its own plane to fly its customers.


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