Strategic partner for Adria

EX-YU alliance still on the cards as flights from Priština postponed
In the first half of 2011, Slovenia’s national carrier, Adria Airways, will find a strategic partner, the “SEEbiz” portal reports. Maks Tajnikar, a member of Adria’s managerial board, says that the Slovenian Government has decided to withdraw from Adria Airways’ ownership structure. The Government recently injected 2.5 million Euros into the airline and a further 7.2 million into its subsidiary Adria Airways Tehnika. Tajnikar says that future potential partners for Adria are established airline companies. Furthermore, he states, “The idea of formng an EX-YU airline alliance has not been dismissed and talks continue with Croatia Airlines, Montenegro Airlines and Jat Airways”.

Meanwhile, Adria has pushed back the launch date of its flights from Priština to Frankfurt and Munich until December 10. The airline will also start flights from Priština to Dusseldorf. Flights from Priština were initially planned to commence on October 31 and November 1. All flight details, as well as the new Dusseldorf flights, can be viewed in the new route launches section on the right hand side.


  1. JU520 BEGLAX09:12

    Adria Airways will start in December twice weekly operations from Pristina to Dusseldorf.
    Operating days 4,6
    Equipment: A319

    I m wondering if these Germany-Pristina flights will get LH code share numbers

  2. @ JU520: Apparently they will but it has not been confirmed yet.

  3. Anonymous16:54

    But probably even more likely then ex-yu airlines, LH will be it.hopefully.

  4. Anonymous19:30

    On so far just JP code
    MUC JP157/156 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7)
    FRA JP115/114 (1,-,3,-,5,6,-)
    DUS JP145/144 (-,-,-,4,-,6,-)

  5. Anonymous21:05

    All PRN flts start in December, I wrote that once before.

    Anyway, they wont live till them

  6. Anonymous21:55

    Pozdrav dobri ljudi Balkana ;)

    Can someone tell me how they are doing on the Banja Luka route? Please, do not tell me bad/horrible/empty flights I am looking for some more detailed answers :)


  7. JU520 BEGLAX00:38


    highest pax nbr is 16 and lowest 2 between 15 and 27OCT

    tomorrow for example 15 pax LJU-BNX and 10 BNX-LJU

    20OCT u have 04 and 6
    22OCT 07 and 08
    25OCT 04 and 02

  8. JU520 BEGLAX00:47

    LJU-BEG JP Pax Figures

    15OCT LJU-BEG 44 PAX CR2
    15OCT BEG-LJU 37 PAX CR2
    17OCT LJU-BEG 19 PAX CR2
    17OCT BEG-LJU 49 PAX CR2
    18OCT LJU-BEG 32 PAX CR2
    18OCT BEG-LJU 17 PAX CR2
    19OCT LJU-BEG 15 PAX CR9
    19OCT BEG-LJU 13 PAX CR9
    20OCT LJU-BEG 25 PAX 319
    20OCT BEG-LJU 30 PAX 319
    21OCT LJU-BEG 22 PAX CR2
    21OCT BEG-LJU 12 PAX CR2
    22OCT LJU-BEG 20 PAX CR2
    22OCT BEG-LJU 29 PAX CR2
    24OCT LJU-BEG 08 PAX CR2
    24OCT BEG-LJU 30 PAX CR2
    25OCT LJU-BEG 02 PAX CR2
    25OCT BEG-LJU 09 PAX CR2
    26OCT LJU-BEG 09 PAX CR2
    26OCT BEG-LJU 06 PAX CR2
    27OCT LJU-BEG 06 PAX CR2
    27OCT BEG-LJU 10 PAX CR2
    28OCT LJU-BEG 07 PAX CR2
    28OCT BEG-LJU 07 PAX CR2

  9. Anonymous06:06

    Just heard that lufthansa opened a city center office in pristina, what is that all about?

  10. Anonymous06:59

    Ah thank you very much! Appreciate it.

    So basically Belgrade is not doing that bad. I remember they said that they were not that happy with the load. Seems decent to me.
    Did the codeshare with Jat help them in any way?

  11. JU520 BEGLAXa08:30

    I def think so that Code Share helps to increase L/F, how much it was in this case it was, difficult to say. But figures have improved. Will see how they will develop with LX 2nd flight to BEG and if LH plans next year an ev. 4 th daily MUC flight...

  12. Anonymous11:24

    The codeshare does help Adria but does it help Jat in any way at all?


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