Transavia rains on B&H’s parade

Soon in Sarajevo
The Dutch low cost airline, Transavia, will commence flights from Amsterdam to Sarajevo, but for one month only. The Air France – KLM subsidiary will operate 1 weekly flight from December 16, with services increasing to two per week from January 3 until January 20, 2011, when flights are scheduled to end. The roundtrip ticket will set passengers back 195 Euros (all taxes included).

The new service could hit B&H’s Amsterdam service. The Bosnian carrier will inaugurate the long awaited flights on December 2. It will operate the service 3 times per week and will be in direct competition with Transavia for the first month. B&H’s ticket prices on the route hover between 215 and 260 Euros (roundtrip, all taxes included) in economy class throughout December and January.


  1. frequentflyer09:07

    Low cost vs service - that's what the increase of fee is, people will choose whether the times suit them better, seating configurations and getting food/drink on board.

    I suspect this is a 'test the waters' flight: Transavia will likely operate this as a summer season flight next year if all goes well.

    As for JA - they'll likely cull the AMS service in the same way they've pulled out of many other routes at the last minute. They need to keep the route, and make it a success...

  2. come on people 195 euros ticket it is not low cost carrier, that is expencive!
    low cost it means 40-50 euros return ticket!

    However good luck!

  3. Arturo10:21


    EUR40-50 for return?

    Within 1.5hr flying radius - YES.
    Schonefeld>Hahn - YES
    Bergamo>Charleroi - YES

    Between 2 to 3hrs - NO.
    Warsaw>Madrid - NO
    Sarajevo>Amsterdam - NO

  4. Anonymous10:22

    Don't mix apples with pears! JA intended to establish US connecting flights via AMS as before. Maybe, the lack of point-to-point pax would prevent them from having an acceptable load factor?

  5. to arturo...
    my friend, i had flights Kaunas-Bergamo-Kaunas for only 40 euros.
    or Kaunas-BVA-Kaunas for 50 euros.
    and so on.. many flight over 2.30 hrs.

    i want to say that i dont like when some carrier represent them self as low cost when obviously they are not low cost carrier.


  6. @Aleksander

    Ams is one of the most expensive airflieds in Europe. low cost flights are very rare to AMS. That's why A lot of low cost airliners are flying on EIN, DUS or other airfields surrounding AMS within a 1 1/2 hr drive.
    Partly you are right, Transavia is not the most cheapest airliner. It's part of KLM, and well... KLM and cheap... no way..


  7. Anonymous18:23

    Guys, if you cant pay a ticket, do not fly =) simple as that.

    You always say Ryanair is the best, well for the PAX which do not get anything on board. No tto mention their crews are not threated right. So you are supporting an airline which I hope it dies anytime soon.

    Air travell was used to be threated right, it was luxury not "a right" like now people want to say.

    What you have is right to travel cheap by train than by bus and at the end by plane.

    So can you pleas say how much is train ticket from AMS to SJJ for example. I doubt it is under 40€ for which you want to travel by air, which has the higest expenses of any kind of travel.

    I really cant stand reading bullshit that you have right to travel cheap =S

  8. Arturo05:17


    I thought you were Macedonian! You live in Kaunas?

  9. Anonymous07:49

    20 OCTOBER , 16:40

    BackPrintSendScrivi alla redazioneSuggest
    (ANSAmed) - BELGRADE, OCTOBER 20 - Jat Airways CEO Srdjan Radovanovic said in Bled, Slovenia, that the national air carrier will very likely lease two new generation Airbus airliners this winter for about EUR2 million, reports BETA news agency.

    At a promotion of a code share agreement between Jat and Slovenian Adria Airways, Radovanovic said that the money for that lease will be secured from EUR51.5 million in loans approved by Societe Generale and UniCredit Bank. He added that the remainder of the money should be available within days, as soon as Parliament passes a bill approving state guarantees to the banks. The brunt of the money, EUR40 million, will be spent on revitalizing the company, while another EUR9.5 will cover repairs and engine maintenance.

    Radovanovic said that Jat's business results this year will ''not be good'' but he did not want to say how large the losses would be. In 2009, Jat Airways ended the year EUR23.5 million in the red.

  10. @ Arturo
    i am Macedonian ,and i live in Vilnius Lithuania :)


  11. frequentflyer23:52

    @ Aleksandar

    come on people 195 euros ticket it is not low cost carrier, that is expencive!

    I've said this before on this forum, in any business, it's all about *where* you price your product if it will sell. In terms of airlines, they have to find the right spot of the price they will sell tickets at against the price customers will buy.

    I'm sure Transavia think they have it right - the price of the ticket is aimed at the northern European diaspora wanting to head back to BiH and surrounding region, and it's a direct flight. Other comparisons to U2, W6 etc are irrelevant as they fly out of middle-of-nowhere airports.

  12. Anonymous12:47

    Maybe it is irrelevant to compare Transavia with Wizzy and MOL Easyjet however uses mainly major airports.


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