Qatar gives Adria the cold shoulder

Qatar Airways not interested in Adria
The CEO of Qatar Airways, Akbar Al Baker, has said that his company will not be taking over 49% of shares from Adria Airways, “Bloomberg” reports. The CEOs of the two companies met in Doha recently to discuss the possible partnership. However, Al Baker now says that he wants Qatar Airways to concentrate on its own business and expand its fleet and destination network.

Adria will now have to look elsewhere for a future partner. Lufthansa has also expressed interest in Adria Airways according to the Slovenian “Finance” portal. However, Lufthansa would face significant scrutiny if it purchased Adria shares as it would have to face the European Commission’s anti monopoly body. The German national carrier was recently forced to give up frequencies on certain routes from Vienna, London and Brussels after it purchased Austrian, Brussels Airlines and BMI. Some of these frequencies went to Adria.

Like all other national carriers in the EX-YU region, Adria will end 2010 with significant financial losses. The Slovenian Government wants to sell the company’s shares as early as the first half of 2011.


  1. JU520 BEGLAX10:54

    I have nothing else expected..

    these incapable left wing slovenian government and the Master of incapability CEO Tufek are dreaming to get rid of JP on the easy style and hope that someone will buy their misshappen piece of airline. It s Tufeks only and best way out, as he will cash for sure some nice compensation.

  2. Anonymous11:29

    I have a feeling Qatar gave up after Lufthansa made a phone call to Al Baker ;)

  3. Anonymous06:37

    Tufek was 31 years old when appointed as JP CEO, without previous airline experience, his field of study and working knowledge are in finance matters..

  4. At least Tufek is better than Radovanovic.

  5. Anonymous04:16

    To the above poster:
    Is he better than Lucovnik, that is a question!
    Do not get personal...Tufek is good for something, it is just on him and politicians who took him there to discover!

  6. Anonymous00:40

    Qatar is not going to invest in debts only. Who will do?


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