easyJet announces new flights to Zagreb

Exit Wizz Air, enter easyJet
The low cost airline easyJet has announced yet another new service to the Croatian capital Zagreb in addition to the recently launched Paris service and the soon to be initiated flights from London Gatwick Airport. easyJet will commence flights from Dortmund in Germany from February 17. The flights will operate twice per week with all the flight details available on the right hand side in the new route launches section. The national carrier, Croatia Airlines, will be less than pleased with yet another new low cost service. Croatia Airlines has been feuding with Zagreb Airport over special fee waivers given to low cost airlines serving the airport.

Meanwhile, Wizz Air will end its operations to Zagreb on February 4. The airline will suspend its 3 weekly service from London Luton Airport.

Last week, Zagreb Pleso welcomed its 2 millionth passenger for 2010. The lucky customer, travelling on a Croatia Airlines flight to Sarajevo, was issued 2 free return tickets to a European destination. Zagreb managed to handle its 2 millionth passenger 7 days in advance to 2009. The airport has so far managed to see an increase in passengers by half of a percent.


  1. Banja Luka09:22

    Good for Zagreb!

  2. Anonymous10:03

    Great news! Looking forward to easyJet in Belgrade.


  3. frequentflyer10:57

    Well done ZAG.

    As for W6s departure, I had always found it odd that as a LCC the prices ranged between *slightly* and significantly different to OU on the London route, and was unable to open any other routes to ZAG (MMX was one I had always assumed would be viable).

    The elephant in the room with this one has to be why U2 and W6 wouldn't go head to head on the route. Could both airlines not sustain flights?

  4. Good to see more competition coming to Zagreb from Easy Jet.

    All we need is for Croatia Airlines not to panic but finally realise that LCC will be an increasing part of aviation in the region and that they must do something productive to remain in the picture.

    This is the time the airline management has to acknowledge that what they are doing is not working and that they have to apply a different approach in the way they do business and this has to be done soon or Croatia Airlines will be soon talking like Adria!

  5. Anonymous14:34

    Great news for Zagreb regarding Easyjet :-)

    Don't really understand why Wizz is leaving, I don't think they were doing that bad on that route, I have flown Luton-Zagreb-Luton several times with them and the planes never seemd to be empty, actually they were always full. Maybe they just want to concentrate on BEG I assume.....

  6. Anonymous19:37

    great news but very sad that wizz air is ending its service. Atleast reducing there service to 1 or 2 flights a week could maybee keep them in the game. Great news from easyjet :)

  7. Anonymous07:08

    Is easy jet planning any new routes from pristina?

  8. Anonymous20:36

    Easyjet should add more flights to pristina,serbia. Cant wait till they move to Belgrade :)


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