9 million for terminal upgrade

Zagreb’s terminal to be expanded
Zagreb Airport’s passenger terminal will receive a 9.4 million Euro facelift as a temporary solution to the airport’s congestion problems. The project anticipates the construction of a new domestic check-in and arrivals area, which will extend the current terminal to the airport’s control tower. The new part of the terminal will stretch over 5.872 square metres. Originally, the airport planned to spend some 5 million Euros on the project and commence construction work in December 2010, however both have been modified. The construction of Zagreb’s much needed new terminal is not expected to begin until August 2012. If all goes to plan, the first phase of the new terminal should be completed in 2014.

Tonči Peović, the CEO of Zagreb Airport, told the “Poslovni dnevnik” portal that several major European airports are interested in participating in Zagreb’s expansion project. The current terminal is too small to handle the volume of passengers using the airport and big delays at check-in desks have become frequent at peak hours.

Zagreb Airport posted a profit of approximately 4 million Euros in 2010 and handled some 2.070.000 passengers, although official statistics are yet to be released.


  1. Anonymous09:28

    What is the capacity of the airport?

  2. Anonymous10:54

    .. several major European airports are interested in participating in Zagreb’s expansion project ..
    Europeans are interested, Chinese capital is interested, Turks as well.. and the story goes that way for months.. years. Yet, not a single visible result to prove the interest expressed.
    When there is such a high number of interested parties, what's stopping any of them to start the project finally?

  3. Anonymous16:31

    They need this in front of election, to show how investments in Croatia are big and that we get out of recesion. Unfortunatly lot of interested are in geting this concession. And that is desaster for Zagreb because noone come to spent so much money just becouse love us. They will take from ZAG as much money as thay can. To spend less and to take as much profit. That means they will make taxes higher, they will not care about traffic, just about profit. And one of the most serious candidate is Vienna. Thing about their policy in ZAG. To make profit and after that to make ZAG even worst than today, so that VIE can grow even faster. For example if Delta will come to open route and they will say you can open Vienna-Atlanta for XY price or Zagreb-New York JFK for XYx3 price. What will be your choice?

  4. Anonymous03:19

    Why hasn't there been any update on pristina?

  5. frequentflyer11:02

    9.4m is small potatoes when one considers how much *should* be spent on one of the exYUs major airports.

    It's time someone stands up and actually delivers on this project, like the supposed 'new aircraft' for JU this saga is wearing a bit thin...


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