Aeroflot to Dubrovnik

Soon in Dubrovnik
Aeroflot has made good on its promise from late last year and will commence scheduled flights from Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport and the seaside city of Dubrovnik. Flights will commence on May 27 and will operate on a daily basis with the Airbus A320. The line will additionally boost the arrivals of Russian tourists to Dubrovnik. After years of charter flights, Dubrovnik and Moscow will now, for the first time, be connected with scheduled services. Croatia has seen a massive increase in Russian tourists in 2010, thanks in part to the abolishment of visas, required by Russian passport holders entering Croatia in the past. Russians are seen as advantageous tourists because they spend more money and stay on holiday for longer than their Western counterparts.

In 2010, Dubrovnik handled 1.270.062 passengers just under the 1987 record when it handled 1.460.354 passengers. Compared to 2009, the airport saw a passenger increase of 13.1%. In 2010, Dubrovnik opened a new terminal, making it most modern airport in Croatia.


  1. Anonymous09:03

    Kick ass!! I assume that they will initially use an A320 on the route and maybe upgreade to an A321 later on?
    What other Russian carriers fly into Dubrovnik and what kind of planes do they use?

  2. Lukavi Bosanac!09:43

    'In 2010, Dubrovnik handled 1.270.062 passengers beating the 1987 record when it handled 1.470.000 passengers.'

    Check your numbers please? :D

  3. Anonymous10:15

    The maths looks like it is from the Croatian Tourist Office

  4. @ the first Anonymous

    Here is complete list of Russian carriers and their services operating summer 2010 between the 2countries :

    Aeroflot :
    -4 weekly-A320-Split-Sheremetyevo

    Air Stars :
    -2 weekly-TU204-Pula-Vnukovo

    Atlant Soyuz :
    -2 weekly-738-Pula-Vnukovo
    -1 weekly-B738-Zadar-Vnukovo
    -1 weekly-B738-Split-Vnukovo

    KMV Avia :
    -1 weekly-TU204-Split-Vnukovo

    Kolavia :
    -1 weekly-A320-Zadar-Domodedovo

    Moskovia :
    -3 weekly-B736-Split-Domodedovo

    Nordstar :
    -1 weekly-A320-Pula-St.Peterburg
    -2 weekly-A320-Split-St.Peterburg

    Polet Flight :
    -2 weekly-S20-Pula-St.Peterburg

    Rossiya :
    -2 weekly-A320-Pula-St.Peterburg
    -2 weekly-A320-Split-St.Peterburg

    Siberia S7 :
    -1 weekly-A320-Dubrovnik-Domodedovo
    -1 weekly-B763-Pula-Novosibirsk

    Sky Express :
    -2 weekly-B733-Pula-Vnukovo

    Tatarstan :
    -2 weekly-B735-Pula-NiznyiNovgorod
    -2 weekly-B735-Pula-Kazan

    Transaero :
    -2 weekly-B744-Pula-Domodedovo
    -3 weekly-B742-Pula-Domodedovo
    -1 weekly-B738-Pula-Domodedovo
    -1 weekly-B738-Split-Domodedovo
    -1 weekly-TU204-Split-Domodedovo
    -1 weekly-B742-Dubrovnik-Domodedovo
    -1 weekly-B763-Dubrovnik-Domodedovo
    -1 weekly-B738-Dubrovnik-Domodedovo

    Ural Airlines :
    -1 weekly-A320-Dubrovnik-Domodedovo
    -1 weekly-A320-Pula-Domodedovo
    -1 weekly-A320-Pula-Samara
    -1 weekly-A320-Pula-Ekaterinburg

    VIM Airlines :
    -1 weekly-B752-Pula-Domodedovo
    -1 weekly-B752-Zadar-Domodedovo
    -2 weekly-B752-Split-Domodedovo

    Yamal Airlines :
    -1 weekly-B735-Zadar-Domodedovo
    -2 weekly-B735-Split-Domodedovo
    -2 weekly-B735-Dubrovnik-Domodedov
    -5 weekly-B735-Pula-Domodedovo

    I hope you'll find this information useful.
    Best regards from Rijeka!

  5. @ the last Anonymous

    The information in the post above is NOT from the Croatian Tourist Office! So, you can be sure it's correct!

    Best regards 2U2 !

  6. Purger21:19

    DBV statistics:

    1. 1987 - 1.498.148
    2. 1988 - 1.405.227
    3. 1990 - 1.320.953
    4. 2010 - 1.282.326
    5. 1986 - 1.245.800

    So, this information is not from Croatian touristic board, but it is still not correct. This result is not 2nd the best, but just 4th in DBV history.

  7. @ Purger said...

    I haven't been talking about DBV numbers, but about Russian carrier's operations to Hr last year, when I said those info was correct because it's not from Hr tourist board.

    Of course last season was not the best in DBV history, you are right. I don't know why Ex-yu aviation published such false info.

  8. ^ As you can see it has been corrected in the article. It was a mistake.

  9. mrkan22:44

    In order to reach the correct information about DBV statistics, please see:
    That is official recognized information. Kind Regards from Dubrovnik!

  10. ^ The statistics which have been posted in the article are correct.

  11. Purger23:57

    I really don't know where you get your information from, but mine are Dubrovnik airport offitial data. Maybe Dubrovnik airport doesn't know their own statistics.

  12. Wow, 16 Russian carriers to Croatia. Where is OU in all of this?????

  13. @Purger: The statistics from Dubrovnik Airport correspond to the statistics in the article.

  14. Anonymous10:05

    No, it is not. Even if you don't calculate transfer pax (which have to be calculate in) this year is 3rd not 2nd:

    1. 1987 - 1.460.354
    2. 1988 - 1.367.768
    3. 2010 - 1.270.062
    4. 1990 - 1.267.872

    I made analysis for Croatian pilot union with which analysis I have presentation for more than 20 hours in front of general manager and other managers of Croatian airlines, croatian Minister for transportation Kalmeta and President of Republic o Croatia Mr. Josipovic. One of biggest critics of Croatia Airlines in that analysis was Russia and C.I.S. where during season we have 96 flights per week to Croatia none of which is operated by Croatia Airlines. But that is not the only problem. Britain and Ireland just 10,1% of flights are operated by CTN, Scandinavia just 4,7% of flights, Spain and Portugal just 7,7% etc. CTN is superior just in Benelux, in all other markets CTN is inferior (even in Germany and Switzerland).

  15. ^ The article does not say that it was the second best year in the airport’s history. It simply says that the number of handled PAX in 2010 was close to the 1987 record.

  16. Purger12:19

    I am sorry but most of us understand "just under" as the 2nd the best result.

    Before you change post it was: "In 2010, Dubrovnik handled 1.270.062 passengers beating the 1987 record when it handled 1.470.000 passengers".

    Anyhow it is very good result, and Dubrovnik is one of the best airports in exYU, and that was intention of that post, wasn't it?

  17. @ Anonymous between 2 ex-yu aviation posts :

    If you are such an expert, maybie you could have advised President of the Republic, Minister of transportation and "top managers of national airline" (those last are deliberately under quotations because there are only aparatchiks in OU/CTN , so to advise them that only thing missing in croatian aviation is MARKET.

    The reason why there are no croatian carriers on HR-Russia routes is only and only PRIVILEGED, SUBSIDISED AND OVERPROTECTED position of Croatia Airlines and lack of possibility of other carriers FIRSTLY to start to operate at all, and SECONDLY to have equal position, market-only regulated.

    And it's not only in case of Russia, it's about lot of other European, North Africa and the Middle East, and ESPECCIALLY long-haul markets.

  18. second chapter of my previous post, it's lack of possibility for other CROATIAN carriers, to firstly start, and secondly, have equal treatment.

    Just have to add few more words as conclusion : So, those who want to fly and have brilliant ideas what is missing in cratian aviation and what can be improved, added, expanded or extended, they are prevented, because we have "flag carrier". And nobody in flag carrier is doing nothing because their main interest is only their comfortable chair and fat salary.


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