Do or die for Adria

New Adria CEO announces plans to revive the carrier
Over the weekend, Tadej Tufek fell from grace after years at Adria’s helm. Following revelations that the airline is in deep financial trouble Tufek resigned. Promptly, a new management team was announced by the Slovenian Government and Adria’s Management Board. Adria Airways’ new CEO, Klemen Boštjančič, is a former CEO of the insolvent construction company Vegrad and the former head of the Mineral Council. Yesterday, Boštjančič said that he is confident that the ailing flag carrier is not beyond saving and is promising a series of far reaching measures to get the airline back on track. Speaking to the Slovenian “Poslovni dnevnik” portal, the new CEO believes that all of Adria’s destinations must be reviewed, however he also believes that Adria should explore new markets and increase flights. It is believed that Adria is willing to set up a new base in Skopje. “The next 6 months are crucial for Adria’s survival. We need to change the airline’s current business model and secure short term liquidity, otherwise the company will go bankrupt. As soon as you don’t pay your suppliers they are in a position to seize your aircraft”, Boštjančič explained. Surprisingly, Boštjančič admitted that there is a possibility that some flights could be cancelled this week although he hopes “it won’t come to that”.

On Sunday, the “SEEbiz” portal reported that Adria had become insolvent and that banks are no longer willing to provide it any loans. However, Boštjančič said that, according to figures presented to him, Adria is still not insolvent. He believes that the airline can be saved.


  1. Anyone heard of flyGoGo airlines introducing charter flights between Hamilton (Toronto) and Belgrade, as well as Chicago - Belgrade, and Hamilton - Zagreb flight this summer?

    The flight will be operated by Euro Atlantic Airlines using B767-300 aircraft.

    More information:

  2. Anonymous22:52

    where did this come from? how sure is this?

  3. Anonymous23:07

    @ North America....
    Sounds spectacular! Their name makes me really unconcerned and peacfull! Who knows...
    And about Adria, one has to be really talented to gamble leading position in region plus Star Alliance foundations...looks like there were lot of talented people in company!

  4. BANJA LUKA23:59

    @North America - Belgrade flights you made my Day! I will for sure visit my freinds in toronto this and go back home to visit my family! I love direct flights! So excited! So happy you don;t know how! I think this is great! Croatia and Serbia should start some tourism commercials in toronto to make people visit! ZAGERB AIRPORT HERE I COME!

  5. Anonymous00:02

    Funny mistake they put that zagerb is in the czech republic!

  6. ANONYMOUS01:57

    Sounds like a load of bullsh!t - anything called 'GoGo' (basically North American English for 'whore') has got to be a joke. ACMI ops?? Please

  7. Na sajtu lepo pise: 399/399/499$ ONE WAY

    btw - Iz Hamiltona ternutno leti samo WestJet!?

    Joooooj, drzimo figeee i za BEG i za ZAG! :D

  8. Zagreb, Czech Republic Joj!

    Off to a flying start!

    I'm sure that pic they show is also not Zagreb. Any idea how they went with the pictures of the other cities?

  9. Aleks Nikolic USA04:31

    flygogojet seems real fake i mean lol they said zagreb is in czech republik..? on their website.... and it should say when it is coming like when you can purchase tickets or anything, and how come only the website is talking about it?? sounds like a scam :P i live in cleveland and would love NOTHING MORE for flights again to chicago, toronto so i could have one stop flight when i go to serbia but idk

  10. Purger08:59

    Anonymous said: "And about Adria, one has to be really talented to gamble leading position in region plus Star Alliance foundations..."

    Let me just remind you about talented experts in other Star companies:

    1. Swiss - owned by Lufthansa
    2. bmi - owned by Lufthansa
    3. Austrian - owned by Lufthansa
    4. Brussels - owned by Lufthansa
    5. Adria - in deep shit aks Lufthansa to buy them
    6. Blue 1 - in deep shit planed to be sold to Lufhtansa
    7. Croatia - in deep shit dream to be sold to Lufthansa
    8. LOT - in deep shit negotiate with Lufthansa and Turkish to be sold
    9. SAS - in deep shit planed to be sold to Lufthansa
    10. Spanair - in deep shit planed to be sold to Lufthansa
    11. TAP - in deep shit dream to be sold to Lufthansa
    12. Turkish - the only company for now that is not in deep shit

    So, I think it is not problem in talents in those companies but talents in Lufhtansa!!! Globalisation (alliances) in new way of colonisation!

  11. Anonymous11:57

    @ Purger
    Problem is that aviation is in big troubles, almost every small company join the alliances as a way to survive...look at JAT or Montenegroairlines, out of alliances but in big loses, too.
    So alternative to alliance is government budget carrier which is also dead end. Regards

  12. Just to inform you all that the country information has been changed and corrected on the site.

    Starting yesterday evening, it is Zagreb, Croatia.

  13. Anonymous02:11

    Why is there no update on pristina at all. This is pissing me off!


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