Jat to Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik awaits Jat
Jat Airways will return to Dubrovnik after 20 years. The Serbian carrier will return to the Pearl of the Adriatic with 2 weekly flights, which will compliment Croatia Airlines’ 2 weekly service, which commences on June 20. The CEO of Dubrovnik Airport, Roko Tolić, told the “Slobodna Dalmacija” newspaper that Jat will fly to Dubrovnik every Friday and Saturday. The airport’s CEO was part of a business delegation visiting Belgrade this week. Croatia Airlines will operate seasonal flights from Dubrovnik to Belgrade until September 7. Flight details for this service can be found here.

Meanwhile, Jat is enjoying unprecedented praise from local media following its swift and successful evacuation of Serbian citizens from Libya. Yesterday, the airline operated its fifth evacuation flight from the North African country. Four flights were operated from Tripoli and one from Sebha in South-western Libya.

As the 2011 summer season approaches, EX-YU Aviation News will begin publishing preliminary summer season timetables from next weekend.


  1. Aleks Nikolic USA16:56

    its about time.. i think since JAT and Croatia Airlines will fly this it will be successful since each airline only has 2 times a week.... samo napred :))

  2. Arturo23:06

    Nice picture!

  3. Anonymous06:42

    I suppose that this is a way in which they are working together on making Dubrovnik Airline think twice about Belgrade.
    I hope that D.A. succedes in their flights to Belgrade as they were the first ones to put it out there sucessfully.

  4. Anonymous18:18

    Talking about evacuation flights - I just loved when half brained cabin crew were on TV answering question with half sentences and saying that the biggest impression for her was "the organisation"... Come on irina, you just got onto the plane in BEG, went there and returned. WTF?!?


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