Strong start for Zagreb as Rijeka falters

More passengers using Zagreb
Croatia’s main airport, Zagreb, started the year off on a high. Zagreb Pleso Airport handled 138.267 passengers in January 2011 and thus reported sound growth of 10.9% compared to the same month last year. This good result is somewhat overshadowed by Rijeka Airport’s performance. The island airport handled a measly 10 passengers, seeing its figures collapse 98%. Zadar surprised in January as passenger numbers declined 31.9%. This is despite the fact that there were more flights to the city this January compared to last. Mali Lošinj handled 72 passengers and reported growth of 36%, ahead of the likes of Osijek and Pula which saw their numbers slide. Dubrovnik welcomed more passengers, reporting a 15% increase, while Split’s growth stood at 1%.

Below you can review the performance of Croatia’s airports in January 2011. Overall, passenger numbers at Croatian airports increased 8.8%. The statistics have been provided by the Croatian Bureau of Statistics.

AirportPassengers JAN 2011Passengers JAN 2010Change (%)
Zagreb138.267124.676 10.9
Dubrovnik20.65617.957 15.0
Pula7521.239 39.3
Split23.16722.832 1.5
Zadar1.2041.769 31.9
Osijek3580 56.3
Rijeka10636 98.4
Mali Lošinj7252 38.5


  1. Anonymous09:12

    Are the strong numbers in Zagreb the result of people returning from their Christmass holidays?

  2. Anonymous11:00

    This increase might also be the effect of lifting visas for Bosnian citizens. Those who live around Banja Luka, have always been using Zagreb airport for their travels abroad due to much better connections as comapred to Sarajevo airport. Now that visa regime is no longer in force, they just selected Zagreb for their travels. My guess

  3. Anonymous12:57

    Second anonymus, good guess, I am from BL, and whenever I fly from London to ZAG, there is a lot of people on the coach to BL who I flew from London with or I saw on the coach from the airport to the main coach station. I really hope Wizzair or anu other airline which citizens of BiH can afford will start flying to SJJ, BNX, OMO

  4. Off topic - BEG-POW flights have been definitely cancelled and removed from GDS's.

  5. Anonymous13:44

    It makes me wonder, since the removal of visas for Bosnians has Adria seen an increase in passenger numbers on their Ljubljana-Banja Luka route?

  6. From what I've heard, CLF on BNX-LJU flights have not reached double digits.

  7. Anonymous13:51

    Wow one would think that the loads have improved by now...

  8. Anonymous22:18

    Do any of you guys know when the Mali Losinj airport extension will be completed? Who flies their apart from Austrian Airlines in summer? What airlines goes their in January??

  9. Anonymous22:23

    Well, most people are unaware that there are flights between Banja Luka and Ljubljana. A girl from Banja Luka who is doing her Masters degree at the University of Ljubjana is always travelling to Ljubljana by bus. When I told her that she could go by plane, she was surprised. She was like "When did those start? I had no idea." It seems to me that only aviation enthusiasts are familiar with this route from Banja Luka. Are they doing any advertising at all?

    Anyway, this is good news for Zagreb. This probably means that they will have significant increase in number of passengers during summer months.

  10. Purger00:03

    Losinj basic traffic are general aviation, sport planes, VIP planes... Lot of tourists came to island with private planes. Last summer they had just one regular charter with one flight per week, and this summer that line change from LSZ to RJK.

  11. Anonymous04:51

    Is there any results for pristina, 2010 would be good!

  12. @Anonymous (last one)
    The Civil Aviation Authority of Kosovo ( has issued the official 2010 figures for PRN. In summary, a total of 1,305,532 passengers passed through the airport, which represents a 9.52% increase on 2009 results.

    Full details can be found here:

  13. frequentflyer10:43

    Well done ZAG. Positive figures, let's hope they continue throughout the year.

    Of course, they'd be higher if OU ordered another Q400 allowing for more connecting regional trips to places like BEG and MXP...

    @ Anonymous

    Yet as a university student you wouldn't expect her to have the high disposable income as to pay the exorberant fares to/from BNX...

    I've often thought the Croatian Railways could improve their service in northern Bosnia by adding an additional daily train to BL which would connect beyond Zagreb to Central Europe. At just 2 daily trains between the cities (but 7 buses) there is clearly demand!

  14. Anonymous08:44

    @ frequentflyer

    She is actually employed and has a solid salary. Therefore, she could afford it if she wanted it to. But that's not the point. The point is that most people do not know that there are flights to Ljubljana from Banja Luka.


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