Adria to Niš

Adria to step up Serbia bound flights
Slovenia’s Adria Airways is considering introducing services from Ljubljana to Niš Constantine the Great Airport, a press release issued to EX-YU Aviation News states. The Slovenian carrier is interested in starting services to Niš this summer. Similar intentions for this summer were announced back in November last year. Currently, Montenegro Airlines is the only airline to operate scheduled services to Niš with 1 daily flight from Podgorica.

Adria is also planning to introduce more flights to Belgrade, as the airline now has complete control over the route, being the only operating carrier. Starting April 05, the airline will introduce 2 additional frequencies, bringing the total number of weekly flights to 8. From September, the airline plans to introduce even more frequencies to the Serbian capital. Adria says that the flights have been scheduled so as to best suit business people from both countries.

Adria Airways has a strong EX-YU network serving Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Podgorica, Belgrade, Priština, Skopje and Split from this summer season.


  1. Anonymous12:05

    Good move as YM could go belly up at any stage leaving the airport with tax payers money to spend on subsidies.

  2. Anonymous12:22

    Adria has cancelled Madrid, even London is not everyday flight from Ljubljana, they added from Priština several flights.... slovenian tax payers are paying all that honeymoon story...... and additional to that Niš? Maybe Mostar? Do we have smaller than such airports? Please come up with idea where slovenian tax payers can invest the!

  3. Anonymous16:59

    I thought that maybie Adria differs from other ex yu carriers but it is the same chaos!!
    They dont know what to make, how to fill the aircraft..No strategy, absolutely nothing.
    First Pristina base, then Skopje base, now Nis but at the end they run hundreads of losses everywhere and are crying why NLB doesnt give them a loan?!
    I agree with last Anonymus, as next they should open Mostar, Osijek and Mali Losinj.Probably very profitable routes compared to London?!?

  4. Tragedy,
    I do not know what is wrong with them to cut London freq. as it was almost imposible to get a ticket last year during the summer (July...)

    How are doing routes from Pristina? Any idea about load factors?

  5. Well you wanted easyjet slovencki and you have it now =D
    use it xD
    btw tax payers money WENT into Madrid as LF was around 40% last summer, so now when they canceled the route which made loss, you cry they should open it again???

    While flight to Banja Luka are payed to be flown, the same is with INI and MGX, maybe JP would get money and JP has much better connections than MGX.

  6. Nezavisna Republika Srpska19:07

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Purger23:59

    @ "Slovenian tax payers are paying all that honeymoon story"

    By the EU rules there are no possibilities that Slovenia tax payers pay anything in Adria!!!

  8. Peter from Sydney09:13

    Could the resulted and cancelled routes to London and Madrid be due to increased costs at those airports? Surely you can't just increase frequencies without costs rising.

  9. I understand that some people might look at this as a complete disaster but I think there is more behind Adria's move to serve airports such as BNX, INI and possible other smaller airports across ex YU. The fact is that Adria has a very strong presence across the region, which is still relatively untouched by the low-cost carriers. While the rest of Europe has pretty much reached the peak of it's economic development and it's slowing down, the ex YU Region is still to boom. By tapping into this unserved market, Adria might be loosing money now but in the long-term this might prove as the right step to gaining passengers' confidenece and loyalty.

  10. Anonymous17:14


    So NRS is at it again with politically motivated names and I do not see this being taken care of in a timely manner.

    It is absolutely asinine for such names to be used as they add absolutely nothing to the conversations about aviation.

  11. Anonymous21:14

    Well empty aircrafts to madrid are not the answer - no promotion, no sales action in advance. JP published the flight LJU - MRS 14 days before selling the tickets for public not just for truckers.... however.... Vueling will take over both BCN and MAD! thanks god! yes slovenčki we wish to have also ryanair and other lowcosts not to have a need to travel to VCE that is very strong and cheap origin spot for a lot of destination!

    Adria needs every day twice flight Heathrow and Gatwick, Easy has to serve Gatwick and i dont see problems to use Wizzair for Luton!!! Londons should be such big market that even 21 flights shouldnt be a problem for the whole regional economy!!!

    For Skopje hub ok maybe there is a strategic demand, but what will happen with airport Morava/Kraljevo? Who is going to be flying in? Some information?

  12. Anonymous21:18

    Ljubljana to:
    Heathrow 1once per day JP/JU
    Gatwick 1once per day JP
    Luton 1once per day Wizzair
    Stensted 1once per day Easyjet

    that is the goal! How should we
    reach it? maybe with activation of Ljubljana 2 (Maribor) airport :)

  13. And all this for 2€ right?


    Like Purger said, tax payers money did not went anywhere, what happened is that Adria is selling everything it can =)

    And the plan is to serve only the profitable destinations, which really makes sense, does not it xD

    Good luck with Vueling, last year many BCN flts were cancelled, and they were served for 2 months anyway!
    Who travels to MAD anyway?

  14. Anonymous00:41

    VCE to MAD always full of Slovenians (Iberia, AirEuropa, Vueling, EasyJet). According to VCE statistic on the VCE-MAD route there is more than 50 pax per day with Slovenian IDs. Adria from LJU with 2 weekly flights and its prices just can not compete with VCE flights.

  15. Anonymous08:08

    Mr. Anyway,

    we can close down than Ljubljana if everything is so bad. 2EUR? Where where? I need to know ;) lol...
    Direct to Adria no public money, but shareholder is also state.... 1+1 is not 11! ;)
    profitable routs? Banja Luka? Nis? Maybe they should fly to Brac and Mali Losinj whole year c c c c

  16. Anonymous08:09

    Some routes are not profitable from Ljubljana, but they are from Trieste.... why? better marketing?

  17. Anonymous15:12

    MAD is together with BCN one of the most attractive leisure destination. Quite a lot of Slovenians traveling there with Kompas BCN. Universities in Spain and Portugal are among most popular universities in Socrates/Erasmus network for Slovenian students and teachers.
    Adria should code share with Spanair and cover the whole Spain and Portugal together (which is really badly covered with other *A partners). So, a lot of potential for LJU-MAD.

  18. Anonymous16:39

    well, from LJU to MAD we should have 4 flights per week with codeshares further to sevilla,cordoba,porto and lisboa. if this is not interested for JP than they shouldnt make problems to iberia, tap or some other airline. they should instead also consider to open the flight: LJU-MXP-ROM-MXP-LJU at least for summer timetable 3 times per week :)

    MXP and ROM are good spots to travel get cheap tickets to

  19. Adria flown to MAD and LF was bad, so why keeping it??

    Btw BNX is payed to be flown by Sky Srpska, I believe JP got 0,5M€.

    The is with INI at least MGX got around the same amount of money for flying there.

    So you as tax payer should be happy that JP gets money, right? At least I am ;)
    (not that JP gets any of it =P)

    So 50 slovenians per day to MAD from VCE, interesting. JP could not get 33 per flight, twice per week. At least not the whole summer period. There were days full of CRJ9 but, just days.

    Instead JP icreased freq. to BCN, which is good right?

    Btw, if MAD is so popular, why JKK or IBE (VLG) are not flying to LJU ?!?!?!?! They would get a lot of money out of this route if you are right ;)

    Note that CRJ2 even if full on 3h long flt is not profitable, at least not with return tickets around 150€ which would be accpetable price right?

  20. Anonymous08:12

    Well, as I am working in tourism industry I know what difficulties we do have in the company to organize spanish and portug. groups here. and yes you have right cause you are thinking like a typical slovenian ;) where is marketing to fill the planes to slovenia and you wouldnt ask yourself if they are flying also back to MAD. Second point is that slovenian tourist board is going on fairs also to USA and Mrs. Guncar went several years ago to promote Slovenia on Cuba ;) MAD is great spot to fly to South America and USA, right? Hm... well now we do have 2 or 3 passengers more. Next is that if LJU has better connection as ZAG we could promote the routes also in Croatia, southern part of Austria and Italy... well here you have then 2 or 3 passengers more ;) and and and.... new routes better network more money! however thanks god we have VCE!!!

    you are asking me why Vueling/Iberia/Tap/Spanair are not flying to LJU? Ask Adria! Monopol thinking! The same story with MXP and Easyjet. LF was lower than PAR however it was good for a start and for low season months to start up this flight. Adria has a monopol in all kinds and ways regarding routes, airports (MBX, POZ).... Tourism industry needs at least every day connection to London from the national carrier!!!

    What ever.... the best is to use Nis to have groups from Spain and Portugal ;).

    I will not mention the problems how to deal with St. Peterburg market!!!

  21. Anonymous14:45

    According to VCE statistic on the VCE-MAD route there is more than 50 pax per day with Slovenian IDs

    Where the hell are going? Spain and South America?

    For sure 99% not for work. Someone for study but not all.
    Lazy people. Enjojing feedom :)

  22. Anonymous16:13

    Organizing groups in cooperation with Adria must be a hell especially for the markets that you mentioned. Yes, thank god we have VCE!
    We do enjoy! Thanx. After a hard work :)

  23. Anonymous17:32

    Yes in deed. Adria doesnt have a good marketing plan!

    on graz airport in the summer timetable under charter i am missing adria flights to greece?!? what happened? did they move to maribor? joke! or????!?!!!!??

  24. Anonymous17:58

    someone on this blog mentioned that flights to Banja Luka is ok and JP should fly also to NIš?

    slovenian newspaper Finance:



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